A letter to my 10 months old baby girl

With you – everything is magical! ✨

O Zoe – you are 10 months old today.
You have now officially spent more time outside than inside your mumma now. Hah!
It is so amazing to see your personality develop. Getting vocal, louder, knowing what you want and asserting it.
You love calling out to people on the street, at restaurants ,in the park … till you get their attention and they come talk to you.
Your out of no-where big kisses and when you are feeling extra generous, those smooches. ( Promise me you’ll always do that )
And then sometimes – you turn your face – nope … no mumma its not time for a kiss! 😳
And while I was so impatient for you to start crawling and standing and walking all this while – it is now impossible to keep up with you.
Walking up the stairs, crawling so fast and refusing to sit down. You want to get into everything – the tiny spaces seem most attractive.
Standing up in the crib in the middle of the night and scaring the hell out of us is your new thing.
Our dances – those I treasure. Watching you bounce with your hands up in the air the moment music comes on – oh Zoe, that is our thing.
Yours, mine and addy’s.
Happy 10 months birthday Zo. my baby girl. my bubba.


  1. This is such a lovely thing to do. Your lil’ girl is going to love being able to read these insightful words when she is older.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend hon ( :
    PS how cute is she in that outfit!!!

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