Picture Perfect Picnic at Sunset

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Life after baby is different, euphemistically speaking! While there may be little or no time for yourself, what really take a hit – is the time that spouses have for each other. We love our baby ofcourse and cherish every moment we get to spend together. But we also love our us time – you know, having meaningful conversations, talk about important things ( that do not revolve around pooping,  burping and nap schedules – because let’s face it, as new parents – these are THE important things!)

There are days, when with work and everything else, Amit and I get time to say about 5 lines to each other. So we’ve been making conscious efforts to set aside time for the two of us. It really isn’t a full-blown hit the town, let’s go crazy type thing – that ship has sailed if I am being honest. =)) We love eating out, so we try to coordinate our schedules and meet for lunch between work. Little things like grabbing coffee in the evening or catching a movie in the night after Zoe is in bed are also fun.

Few days back, we were able to actually carve out an entire day to spend time with each other and we drove down to Newport. It’s our absolute favorite town in New England, we go there every chance we get. With nothing specific planned – we biked a bit along the ocean, grabbed a bite, took a lazy coffee break and then at sunset, found the best seats in the house – aka on a rock with an uninterrupted view of the ocean. It was the perfect setting for a picnic. I was recently introduced to AVA Grace Wines that are also available in cans, making them perfect for outdoor picnics. I brought along the Rosé and Pinot Grigio in my basket. I am no wine connoisseur by any means, but the wine tastes like high-end, luxury wines and the price tag, less than $5 for a can. They can be found at various retailers as well as online.

I am a Rosé girl all the way and the AVA Grace Rosé can is filled with  fruity notes of berries, apricot and watermelon. The packaging is equally beautiful as it is delicious. Summer plans on the beach, backyard parties, these are going to be fun to wine down with!
Life gets really busy and chaotic, therefore it is very important to consciously carve out time for each other. Besides, once you have something planned – it is exciting to look forward to it and plan for it. Both of us really love sitting by the water and chatting and sometimes even not saying anything, just having the moment stand still.  The wines were perfect to set the tone of our little date. And ofcourse, like crazy obsessive parents,  we just talking about Zoe and sat there watching her videos. #Parents =)) xo Neha


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  1. Sounds heavenly to have a fun day together. I totally empathize with this post. This wine sounds like the perfect thing to bring along.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

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