Simple and Proven Ways to De-stress


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It is just insane to think how easily I get stressed. Seeing a big traffic jam in front of me, a doubt that I might have left my hair curler plugged in, tension that I wont be able to finish something on time … The unfounded, simple, mundane things evoke so much stress. Now add being a mother and other responsibilities and curveballs life throws at you. It is so easy to drown in a pool of stress.

As I write this – I realize I am stressing about the 100 items on my to-do list, also my Macbook is showing the battery low sign which means I need to run down to ger my charger, but also if I need to respond to this one email before I go. It is like having too many tabs open in my brain and that just contributes to the stress levels. Also, I will be the first to admit, it does takes a toll. Affects productivity which causes a cyclical effect back the stress. And I am one of those people who gets easily overwhelmed.

As I read the paragraphs above, I realize that it sounds more like a therapy slash confession session. That might be a good lead to get to what I wanted to share today. Some quick de-stressing tips that I exercise. Because, like me – I know, we are all stressed out at some point during the day… or the week. I also reached opened the floor on Instagram to get some tips and tricks and thought I’ll compile and share them here a well – because lets face it – one of the most common, popular, instagram worthy trick for de-stressing – that is lighting a candle and taking a bath or opening a bottle of rose – doesn’t always work. There – I said it! It makes a pretty picture for a ton of likes, yes. But not when you are sitting in your office and have a huge deadline hovering on your head. Or when your kid is just having one of those days when you can’t catch a break – as chic as it sounds, aromatherapy is not the answer to getting a quick de-stress session.

Every situation is different. Hopefully some of these tips in your back pocket will come handy.

Breathe : This is something that you can practice anywhere. anytime. Doesnt take any prep. Close your eyes for a few minutes and focus on your breathing. It helps with blood pressure, heart rate and sending calming signals to your brain. This is something that you should do even before responding or reacting to something that triggers you – as it allows you to take a step back and reflect before taking action.

Take a long shower : As fashionable as taking long baths in soaking tubs sound, they are just not for me. Infact they stress me out more. I may be in the minority here – but standing a few extra minutes and letting hot water run down my back also calms me down much more than a bubble bath could. Sometimes at the end of a stressful day, I’ll stand a few extra minutes under the water, going through the events of day, planning the next day and slowly I find my thoughts moving away from the current day, planning and wandering to nothing. Exactly the point.

Drive with music blasting through open windows : Ok that probably sounds a little more rebellious than it is supposed to be. But this driving + music + fresh air combo works.

Find your quiet place : It could be a room in the house ( or basement or pantry.. whatever) or step outside. Dont take your phone. Just focus on the silence. Breathe.

Phone a friend : You don’t have to talk about what’s stressing you out. Or may be venting out is what helps you. Whatever works for you, do that. Why pay for therapy when you can call a friend, right?

Mindless TV : This is most definitely not an adult way of handling things =)) But who cares about being an adult when you are having a meltdown. Just leave everything and sit in front of the TV. Those illogical reality shows are a good way to get distracted and lighten the mood.

Run / exercise : I don’t need to sell this point to you. It is scientifically proven that the endorphins released when you workout help relieve stress. They are the happy hormones. Give yourself a dose.

Dance : We all have a love like no other for something that is just ours. Our own time. Our own thing. Our escape. For some it is curling up with a book. For some it might be cooking or baking. I love to dance. It is my escape. Do it. Take a few minutes and escape. It makes coming back to what you were doing easier and with a fresh outlook.

These are some quick hacks at getting those stress levels down. I’d love to know what are some of your go-to tricks when you are feeling a little overwhelmed.


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  1. I definitely have to take more time off and de-stress soon, because I feel so overwhelmed with all the workload I have before holidays and the weather – it’s way too hot for me – is killing me is as well. I have to use some of your ideas. I think I like dancing and simply listening to movies/taking a long shower the most.

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