Financial Tips to Consider When Starting a Family

If you ask me today for one word that describes the feeling of being parents – I’ll say blessed. And over the moon happiness. And best thing ever. And I can go on and on. I guess that was more than one word. Hah!

Now if you asked me to describe the feeling when we decided to start a family. Overwhelmed. Yup – one word says it all. Overwhelmed with the happiness with the decision you’ve made. Overwhelmed thinking about the changes that will come. About the planning to be done. About not knowing a thing about parenting or kids (if you are going to be first time parents).

Right from what to shop for babies to planning for their future – everything is on your mind. Worrying about the financial changes that this new phase of life will bring, is only natural. My husband and I did a lot of research, talked to friends, advisors, and colleagues and learned a lot. We have these conversations with our friends who are either new parents or are planning to start a family. So we thought why not do a video and share some of the lessons we learned and tips with you.

Most importantly, we are not financial gurus – just parents who are learning as we go! Our biggest tip would be to cut yourself some slack – you are doing the best you can do! Cherish every moment of this journey. And of course get all the information that’s available, so you can make an educated decisions for you and your family =))

In the video, you will see that we reference the U.Fund College Investing Plan. You can learn more about the U.Fund College Investing Plan here. I am also planning to attend the Buttonwood Zoo event on August 24th, where I will be visit the U.Fund Dreams Tour tent to find out more about college savings. We hope to see you there!


I have partnered with Fidelity and MEFA to present this video. As always, my financial thoughts and tips are of course my own.





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