Coffee Date with my Babe

Zoe turns one in a few weeks and it is hard to remember life before she was in our lives. Every day is chaotic, busy, overwhelming and loaded with craziness and brimming with fun and laughter and happiness. Every day is an adventure.

It might be a cliché but so true – that it is the little moments that become memories of a lifetime. The silly game of peek-a-boo  or splashing water in the pool or tickling and laughing so hard that we have tears rolling down our eyes – these are the little moments that are the highlights of my day. I have a new-found appreciation for things as I see the world through her eyes. Seeing her learn new things, explore the world, choose her favorites, develop a personality, learn new skills – every moment gives us a reason to smile.

Lately she just wants to do everything I am doing. She watches me get ready in the morning and  loves when I tap her face with my makeup brush. Gives us the biggest grin with her tiny teeth sticking out. And aways wants to grab my coffee cup, so I have to get her a kiddie sized one. Even though I fill it with water, she drinks it like a big girl.

Recently we headed to Gymboree to pick up a few things for her. Have I mentioned that shopping for Zoe is my favorite thing to do. Gymboree always has such stylish, good quality pieces. I like getting a few statement pieces  and mixing them with basics. A plain sweatshirt with colorful pants or pairing a pair of  joggers with a sweater for a comfortable look.  I am also obsessed with this velour one-piece. And this corduroy jumper is just so darn cute. Gymboree also has a new app – Made you Smile (available for free on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Also can be downloaded from ). Made You Smile brings the collection’s graphic tees to life with augmented reality and features a made-to-share Smile Generator. Downloading the app also lets you enter to win hundreds of thousands of dollars of amazing prizes in our Surprize Sweepstakes. Every time you shop in store, you’re guaranteed to win a prize. Read more about it here here.


Zoe’s outfit details 

jumper, sweatshirt, headband

also some of my other favorites from the collection – perfect for Fall.

playful tights, cutest pumpkin sweathsirt, cozy fur vest, pom-pom beanie 




A big thank you to Gymboree for partnering on this post. It is a brand that we truly love.





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