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Last week was such a blur. I have been extremely busy at work and coming home later than usual. Also, we are trying to rewire Zoe’s schedule and have been trying to put her to bed earlier – which means I hardly get any time with her. The guilt is real and is gnawing at me.

So I just wanted to keep the weekend all open with no commitments to spend time with her. Also, can you believe  that it has also been a year since my baby shower. I literally remember feeling so big and waddling through the party and dancing so much. It was seriously a baby shower of dreams.

My post on self-care sort of took an unexpected turn. While a lot of you loved the idea of showing self-love taking small moments for yourself and doing the little things that make you happy, there were some heated discussions on Instagram and the blog post giving the idea of self-love a negative annotation. I had to delete some comments because they fester negativity and took away from the intention of the post.

There are so many great articles and finds I came across this week and so excited to share them with you. On that note, I want to say thank you to all of you supported the idea of this new series, giving your feedback, sending in topics for future posts ( which I am bookmarking by the way so I can share them here – so please keep sending questions and topics that you’d like to read about )

Let’s go !

The misconception that having a full-busy schedule is fulfilling. This article resonated with me on so many levels.

You know how much I love silk pillowcases and the benefits of sleeping on them are many fold. Anti-aging, lustrous hair to name a few. This set of two in on a sale and I just had to share it with you, incase you want to get your hands on it.

This podcast interviewing Karlie Kloss on the Tim Ferris show talking about her initiative Kode with Klossy was my favorite one this week. She talks about how there’s always so much to learn and challenging yourself is the ultimate motivator.  There’s also a YouTube version if you prefer that.

I shared this tunic on Instagram stories. It is seriously such a closet staple. I already have it in 4 colors and a few new colors are available now. I am getting the mustard this time.

Tshirts with words that reflect my thoughts are my favorite kinds. I live my weekends in them. This t-shirt for less than $15 is my new favorite.

This dress with the cutest bow detail was one of my favorite finds this week while browsing online. But I also have this dress, which is pretty similar so may be I should refrain from getting another one. Or may be I should just get it. Summer doesn’t last too long anyway!

Laundry sucks – haha  and this sign feels me. It is just a tad bit too much to spend  for a laundry room in the basement but I’d like to get something similar – let me know if you spot something at Target or Home Goods.

I must have devoured every picture and article online about the Priyanaka Chopra-Nick Jonas engagement. There is so much chatter about the age difference, the race difference, their past dating lives – everyone seems to have an opinion. I am just having fun looking at the outfits of all the guests and always adore a non-Indian guy in a kurta. haha. Dying to know what are your thoughts.

Instilling body-positivity and self-love values in our kids – starts with us. This is one thing that I feel very strongly about. I had recently talked about it as well.

And on that note – I hope you have a fantastic, productive and fulfilling week. Send me questions or topics that you’d like me to cover in upcoming posts. xx





  1. I know that can be tough. The mom guilt sometimes is just ugh. I know that when you’re with her, you’re giving her all of you, so don’t feel bad. You’re doing a great job! I remember when I was trying to put Aviah on a sleep schedule and it’s no easy task at first. Has your little one begun teething? That made things a bit more challenging, but they eventually get into their routine. I’m sorry to hear that you had some negativity on that post. I didn’t read it, but I’m sure you made some great, necessary points. Keep on sharing for those who support you!



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