5 Minute Makeup Routine

Before I share my 5-minute make-up routine, I feel like you should know that I am not a big fan of applying a million different products on my face. I am also not big into following the latest makeup trends. If I am being honest, I couldn’t contour to save my life. haha! And getting that precise winged liner – I never even bothered to try that. I am what they call the low-maintenance make up girl but who likes to look put together always. So if you feel the same – I am telling you, this tutorial is for you. These are my go-to everyday makeup products, tried and tested to give the made up look that isn’t too made-up.

// Primer : I had never tried a primer until last year but when I did, I have never started my makeup without it. Love this one. It creates this smooth base and gives a base shine, which is great if you aren’t going to be caking too much product on top. Take about a dime size product, rub in yiur hands and apply on the face. I love this primer , on most days I simply apply the primer and just some setting powder.  You can skip the foundation/blush/bronzer and still have enough glow.

//Foundation : My favorite drugstore foundation is the L’Oreal True Match. It has amazing coverage, literally 2 drops on the brush and it good for the entire day. I love their wide range of color selection, making it easier to find a color that works with your complexion. My shade is Honey Beige. Use a blending brush and apply in circular motions.  The Bare Minerals Powder foundation is another one I really like. It doesn’t create the smile creases that sometimes the liquid foundation leaves. The color I use is Warm Tan  – this one is slightly warmer than my skin tone, so it also gives a little bronzer effect. I use this brush for the powder foundation – it helps with even coverage.

//Setting Powder : I have been using the Mac NC42 since forever and it continues to be my go-to. Like I mentioned above, most days, especially when going to work in the morning, I just use the primer and this powder. Apply with the powder brush and dust lightly. Don’t forget the curve of the nose and forehead.

//Blush : I am obsessed with the Bobby Brown brick. It leaves a subtle shimmer, which is not over the top, so it is good to wear to work as well . It gives such a nice rosy look. Use the blush brush and apply in a sweeping motion from the cheekbones towards the corner of the eye. I even use the brick as eye shadow at times. Same product – different uses =))

//Bronzer : Because I am pretty tanned / darker complexion anyway, I personally don’t like the extra bronze-ness that a bronzer gives. But I do like the sun-kissed look at the same time. So occasionally I use the bronzer and apply very little on the cheek bones ( similar to the blush ) and also on the forehead, nose and jawline. Use the bronzer brush. This is the bronzer I use.

//Kohl/liner : You’d rarely see me without kohl in my eyes. Applying kohl (kajal) is such an integral part of Indian makeup, that growing up I just have always loved it . This kohl-cream is my absolute favorite one – the small box lasts for months and it comes with a sleek brush to apply. You dont have to have the artistic bone to even apply this like with a liner. ( I told you, I am pretty low maintenance and not a beauty nerd – the simple the better =)) )

//Mascara : I don’t wear mascara on a regular basis , mostly because I am either wearing sunglasses or in work meetings all day. But for any evening events – I love wearing it. These are some of my favorites – Benefit they’re real, Givenchy Noir interedit, Loreal Voluminous

//Lipstick : No look is complete without a little lip color. I’ll do a separate post on the lipsticks that I use, but whichever is your preference – lip gloss, tinted lip balm or a lipstick – it is always a good idea.  I always prefer color on my lips over on the cheeks or eyes.


Dress – Adrianna Papell, Vanity table, Wallpaper, Bag shelf

Dressing Room Tour 

Make-up products : Primer, Liquid Foundation, Powder Foundation Blush, Bronzer, Kohl cream, Foundation brush, powder brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush 



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