Zoe’s First Birthday Party

This girl of mine is one. Full of mischief, silly, loud, in love with her bunny, obsessed with her addy and best friends with her mumma. On her birthday, we celebrated it doing all the things she loves doing. Took her to her favorite little diner in our town where everyone loves her so much. She’s like friends with everyone who works there. haha And then we went to a farm – she absolutely adores animals. Bunny rabbits, cows, goats, sheep – and the farm owners even had a dog and it’s just so cute to see her go boo-boo the moment she sees a dog.

Then later that weekend, we had a big birthday party for her with friends. It was a movie night theme party – I swear guys, I was so excited about it myself. I mean – a one year old’s birthday party is really for the parents. Zoe mostly napped during the party and I had to wake her up for the cake – which is why the pouty face in most pictures. haha!

          we had this poster put on on a big sign outside the party 


There was a big outdoor movie screen that got all the kids so excited. There was a teepee, a chalkboard where the kids drew wishes for Zoe ( it was the sweetest ). The popcorn machine was such a huge hit amongst the kids and adults.  The cake !! I almost cried when I went to pick it up from the bakery. It was beautiful, delicate, moist and so delicious.

The cake table backdrop is similar to what I had for our baby shower. The twinkling lights from behind the blanket looked so pretty once the sun went down. We also had string lights hung all over the yard – it was such a lovely setting for an outdoor movie night. I also had the goody bags with an outdoor movie night theme filled with blankets, popcorn, juices and binoculars.

The weather turned out to be perfect on the day of her party, I was worried because it has been raining so much this summer. The party was everything I was hoping it to be. Filled with laughter, love and the pretty details. And Zoe – she keeps saying “haatta” ( for happy birthday ) and claps her hands when she sees a balloon. It’s just the cutest thing =))

Zoe’s outfit details : dress, shoes, bow 

My outfit : black lace dress, bow pumps, belt 

Party decor details : teepee, alphabet balloons, chalkboard




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