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A big Thank You to Athleta for partnering on this post. It is a brand that I love and as always, all opinions expressed are my own. 


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I am back with one of the topics that I love discussing with you all about – staying active, squeezing in workouts in my busy lifestyle. My day starts at 5.30 and by the time I am done for the day, it is almost 10pm and I am most likely falling asleep on the couch.

Getting some form of exercise in is crucial towards productivity. It fuels the mind and body, but let’s face it – work sometimes does come in between workouts and we will invariably prioritize work over workouts. That’s just the way it is. I was excited when Athleta shared their campaign of incorporating workouts in your work life, working in your workout attire and asked me to share how that aligns with my lifestyle. Athleta has a collection of clothing with performance fabric and purposeful design that helps with seamless transition from work to workout and as well as infusing workouts while working.

These are some of my favorite pieces from the collection that inspire working in your workout attire. The stellar crop pants are stretchy enough but also professional looking, I could live in them. The rest day hoodie has a relaxed fit, just the way I like them – they are made with commute and adventure in mind. I am very impressed with the cosmic blazer, the fabric is luxe and stretchy at the same time. Couldn’t be more perfect for running around for meetings or even bringing in on a flight.



While I am trying to figure out a better routine that enables be to squeeze in a hardcore workout, there are a few things I have been trying to remain active.

// Walk while taking conference calls : Instead of sitting on the desk and taking phone meetings, I am either walking around the house, up and down the stairs or even step outside sometimes. It is a great way to get moving and getting work done at the same time. Also, if you work inside and office or from home, getting some fresh air really helps. — Blazer

// Go for a run immediately after coming back from work : One of the thing that fizzles my plans for going to the gym or for a run outside after back from a long work day is when I have to go and change my clothes. Do you relate? If I have to change my clothes, I find an excuse to take a break, sit down for a bit and before I know it – I am more inclined to get into my comfortable joggers. So instead, I’ve been getting home and heading straight out, just swapping my blazer for a sweatshirt. I also take Zoe for a walk sometimes.

// Stand and work : If your job involves working on the computer, standing and working is a good alternative. Even though it doesn’t compare to a hardcore workout, you’ll definitely burn a few extra calories than you would be sitting down all day long. And not to mention, it helps with the other cons of a sedentary lifestyle, such as back pain.

// 5 minute workouts : When feeling stretched for time, I opt for 5 min workout alternatives. 3 sets of push ups, squats, jumping jacks – this is my favorite routine.

//Deskercise : You don’t have to pencil in time in your schedule to stretch your body.I have seen a lot of teams at corporate companies making a team activity out of this – 5 minutes of stretching together in the morning or a push-ups contest, etc. There are a number of stretches that you can do at your desk itself . Here are some that I consciously make an effort to do throughout the day – shoulder shrugs, neck rolls, spinal twist, forward bend – touch your toes, chest openers.

What are some of your workout hacks in your work day?




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