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Dr. Brown’s sippy cup

Being a first time parent is a scary idea, I am sure that all you first timers will agree with me on that. Let alone not having a clue about raising a baby – the plethora of information available for every little thing is just overwhelming. I thought I’d share our journey with bottles, since that was one topic that I absolutely no idea about going in, so hopefully this info will help you navigate this area with some first hand information.

Starting with bottles : While I was exclusively breastfeeding, the lactation consultant had advised us to pump in tandem a few times a day to boost supply and also introducing the bottle early on. This helps with getting the baby used to bottles preparing them for when mom resumes work and also gives mom a break, while someone else can do the feeding via the bottle.

Different Level Nipples : At that time, we started using Dr.Brown’s bottles. Starting off, my selection was based was on reading numerous reviews/forums/talking to friends. The fact that the bottles comes with nipples for every stage was something that sounded very thought through and made sense. We went through Level1 to Level 4 nipples, moving to an upper level reading into the signs that the baby gives ( slow intake, getting irritated while eating, falling asleep while eating, etc. )

Transitioning  from bottle to cup: I started introducing cups around 9 months, starting with the 360 cup. This was mainly with a little water in the cup to get her used to a different kind of intake, which wasnt the breast or the bottle. After a week or so, I introduced the Dr. Brown’s transition bottle with sippy spout . The idea behind this bottle is keeping the bottle the same and changing just the nipple. Since the exterior is familiar to the baby, there is no pushback in taking it in.

Sippy spout bottle: It took us a few tries to get used to the flow of the sippy spout. The key is to be patient and try often. If the baby is getting fussy when trying out a new cup – use the one they are used to first, make sure they are not very hungry and then introduce the new cup/spout. Change as few elements as possible when trying something new – example, keeping things constant such as the place/room in which you usually feed, who does the bottle feeding, having little distractions.

Sippy cup: In a couple of weeks of getting used to the sippy spout transition bottle, around 11 months, we moved to the sippy cup. This was the milestone that made me really emotional. As parents, you know for every new thing our baby does, we wonder how much they’ve grown. But this one especially, seeing her drinking with a sippy cup, every single time makes me wonder – when did she grow up! huh!

Straw cup: We also introduced the straw cup around the same time, close to 10-11 months. Started with water in it. Now, we alternate between the straw cup and sippy cup for each milk feeding – that ways the baby is used to both. That helps a lot while traveling and at restaurants.

For about 2-3 weeks while we were in the transition phase ( from bottle to cup ) , I continued using the bottle for night-time feeding. I think it was mainly for us and not so much of baby’s preference, because the bottle was a quick option before bedtime. #Guilty =))

I hope this information helps you navigate the proverbial bridge since it is definitely one of those intimidating transitions to start. It is one of the questions that I get asked quite often.  Also, as a happy user of the brand, I am very excited to bring one you moms a special gift package from Dr. Brown’s. Enter the giveaway below or on Instagram – winner can select ANY products of your choice up to $300 value.


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A big thank you to Dr.Brown’s for partnering on this post. It is a brand that has been part of our parental life since the start. 

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