I know a girl, she puts color in my world – Letter to my Daughter

I hope I remember how you screamed “umbenna” when you saw someone carrying an umbrella down from the window.
I hope I remember you nodding furiously each time you say yesss. And the way you hug me before going to bed. The way you run to the door screaming mumma. How you get excited when you see something familiar as you flip through books. And how you clap for yourself at the littlest of things and kiss yourself in the mirror. Your out of nowhere “oh nooo”s, how you stand in your bed in the morning hugging your bunny. I hope I remember these moments exactly like I do right now 10…20…30 years from now as I pull them from the memory vaults.
And I hope you could see how my heart explodes with love at everything you do … every time I see you … every time I think of you 💗





    1. such a sweet idea. they’ll get to read letters from you in their account and treasure them 🙂

  1. This is so beautiful! There’s no love like that of a mother for her child, none. I didn’t even know that I could love so deeply, until becoming a mother myself. It changes you immensely and challenges you in so many ways to be the best you, while humbling you. It’s really a beautiful thing. Beautiful words to your daughter and I love the photos. Sending much love to you both!



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