Happy Weekend! This past week just flew almost to the point where I was going through my calendar and emails and messages from last week to see what really happened. You have those ? I finally got a cortisone shot for my wrist which had been bothering me since my delivery, its known as de-quervain’s syndrome. Its pretty inflamed right now and my hand is in a brace, but it is supposed to start healing in a few days.

Anyway, grab your coffee and let’s get to what I have in store today to share.

//Podcasts : I guilty binged on Sex and the City Origins podcast throughout the week. I had so many good ones downloaded for daily drive, but I just couldn’t stop listening to these episodes. As a big fan of Sex and the City, these behind the scenes, listening to personal stories from the cast, the casting decisions, etc. are addictive.

// Workout challenge : I slacked off a bit this week because of my schedule and the shot for my wrist – but I plan on getting back next week. I love that some of you are still keeping up the momentum and doing the 10-min-at-home-workout-routines. I’ll be back to posting my routines next week.

// Some Real Talk over on Instagram. Hearing from some of you on how these resonated with you and some really sweet comments and messages of how you have followed loveplayingdressup since the start and have stayed on… well lets just say – thank you !

// The sweatshirts that I live in are back in stock and in SO many colors.

//Obsessed with the shoe sale on this site. So many designer shoes for under $100. My cart is overflowing. Cannot decide !

// Trader Joes just keeps surprising me every time! Look at these amazing lineup of beauty products at Trader Joes.. I am getting the 100% Pure Jojoba Oil next time I am there.

//I’ve been seeing these sneakers everywhere and on everyone lately. I ordered them to give them a try. I need some cute and comfortable sneakers for the gym. My old Nikes ones are pretty worn out!

// This article – 6 money mistakes rich people don’t make

// As a major Bollywood fan, any hint of the remake of the cult classic has been excited yet not excited at the same time. Remakes can be such downers but this potential star cast is definitely a good sign.

// Faux-fur pieces always get me this time of the year. Love this sweater at such a great price and lovely color.

// Some nice ideas for a mom’s self-care

That’s it for now. It is 4am on a Friday night. Semi-busy weekend coming up, I am however looking forward to the other half of the semi-busy. Hope you have a fantastic weekend – xx Neha







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