Weekend Coffee And Catchup

Outfit Details : Faux-Fur Ombre Jacket, Black Skinny Jeans, Black Booties, White frame sunglasses

Happy first weekend of the new year ! It takes a few days to tune back up from the holiday festivities and the relatively slow pace, so I was glad for the short work week. I had very openly shared in my last post how I was feeling guilty of not keeping up with my posts here on the blog last year, and especially felt bad about this segment. Its my favorite!I am happy to bring it back in the new year. Here’s where I share things I am loving lately, podcast episodes, books, answering questions that I get – it is really a catchup over your weekend coffee. Like between friends! You know how that goes, right? Tell me your week highlights too.

// 10-min-at-home-daily-workout-routine :  I started the new year on a cliché note – joining the gym after hiatus of 7 months. Hah! I shared on Instagram stories that I will also be doing a 10-min-at-home-daily-workout-routine and was happily surprised that so many of you were interested in joining in. Yayy!

How it works : I share a routine for the day. It is literally a 10min commitment – you can do it early morning before everyone wakes up, or  before going to bed, during your lunch break – whenever you can. Right now it’s all on Instagram stories – I will put up a separate section here on the blog, so we all can refer back to it. I am very excited about this and that we are all accountable to each other on this. Lets do it!

//Podcasts : I am probably a walking advertisement for podcasts and get everyone I have a conversation with hooked on to podcasts. I have a long commute to work everyday and I don’t hate it one bit. It is my time to chat with mom and listen to podcasts.

I loved this Ted Talk so much. The speaker is such a humble, funny and inspirational woman and the story of starting the first bank in India run by women is not to be missed.

The Goop Podcast between Gwyneth and Julia Roberts was so good. I always take celebrity interviews with a pinch of salt when it comes to how genuine they are ( sorry to be a cynic there ) – but this one I really thought was both these superstars being so authentic and listening to Julia Robert’s role as a mother, wife and her mundane life chores. I loved it!

//Book : I picked this up at the airport while leaving for Phoenix and cannot recommend it enough.

// In love with this faux-fur coat. Probably the most glamorous piece of outerwear for less than $100

// Start of the year calls for a new planner and if you like me, like to write stuff down in an old school – pen to book fashion – I am loving these planners. Not very expensive and very trendy looking for your desk.

// The sneaky way clutter is affecting your health – a good quick read article

// I saw this dress on sale and ordered it right away. Summer can’t come soon enough.


Have a fantastic weekend with whatever you have planned. Also, don’t give up on those resolutions just yet =)) xx Neha




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