Playroom Gallery Wall

It took me a long time to finish this gallery wall ( well for now – is any decor in the house ever the final version? ) The reason I was slacking on the gallery wall is because I was actually afraid of taking up a gallery wall project. If you do a search on Pinterest for gallery walls – it is inundated with the most beautiful, editorial walls that seem almost impossible to recreate. There is no template, no rules to the order in which the frames should be organized!

Anyway, I really wanted to decorate  the wall with frames and took upon the project to figure out the code behind gallery walls – and if I couldn’t crack the code, create one! Hah!

Here’s the result and I am pretty happy with how it turned out. The frames are from Minted and here’s the code – by which I mean, the process I went about it.

// picking out the theme of the frames
Since the frames are for the playroom, the overall theme I wanted to go with – colorful, fun and telling a story.

//figuring out the layout
This one was a bit tricky because I wanted to visualize how the frames would look like once up. Also, that would help determine the size of each frame. After shortlisting the frames ( shortlisting them was another difficult step, because there are too many amazing options on Minted’s site! ) After picking out the frames – I took a screenshot of each frame and started organizing them in Microsoft Paint. That allowed me to play around with the size, scale and layout. It was like a virtual wall and that made picking out the size of each frame really easy.

// bringing order to what could easily look out-of-order
What helped was picking one piece that I wanted to be the focal print. That helped structure other pieces around it. Also – two things that would be the best tools while you work on the wall – creativity and dont-worry-too-much attitude. Honestly, considering how intimidated I was of taking up a gallery art project, I was really enjoying the process of creating it, getting creative and dint care so much about it looking like a magazine image, but more of something that reflects what I was going for. And that right there, is the code behind gallery walls that I was talking about. xo – Neha


The frames are from Minted, a brand that I hugely admire for their mission of providing a platform to creatives from around the world.  I highly recommend listening to the interview of the founder Miriam Naficy, on one of my favorite podcast shows – How I Built This. 




  1. Such a beautifully done room.. Its so colorful and exudes so much of positivity and good vibes.. Love love 💗

  2. How adorable is this setup?! I love the fun polka dots you have on the wall, as well as the gallery! You did a terrific job. I always love that you incorporate color with pops of white in your decor. Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re having a great week so far!



    1. Thanks Vanessa. I enjoy the decorating process so that was surely a lot of fun for me as well.
      Thanks for stopping by. xx

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