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Dra clothing dress, Jimmy Choo sunnies ( similar option for $25 ) , Jimmy Choo handbag, Nic+Zoe pumps

This week was such a whirlwind ! Work has been very busy, Zoe is sick and has passed on the germs to Amit, we started work on the home-office – so my house is a mess like a construction zone … just one of those weeks.

Today I am sharing some random things I am loving lately. I love writing this segment, because it is like catching up with a girlfriend and talking about all the things you have been doing, things you feel she should check out !


But before we jump to that – a BIG thank you to all of you who listened to my interview by Kiss 108 ( Boston’s top radio station ) and for sending me all those messages/emails. I can’t say it enough, it truly means a lot to me. So Thank You a TON! And if you havent heard it yet, let me do one more plug of my interview before we move ahead =)) Here’s the link for the iPhone/iTunes , or  search for “Likes for Lemons” on the app you get your podcasts.

// A Huge Sale – really good pieces for spring
I ordered a lot of dresses, pajamas, tops for Zoe. Everything is below $15 and so cute. use the code THANKYOU during checkout for a further 30% discount.

//Revenge wears Prada
I was longing to read a nice, easy-going book and my mom recommended this one. It is a sequel to the Devil Wears Prada. I love the movie ( who doesn’t?  ) – and am waiting for the part in the book where the revenge on Miranda Priestly begins. It will be juicy !

// Decorative Storage Baskets
I am doing two spaces in the home right now. The room that used to be my home-office – we are converting that to Zoe’s playroom. And there is a small area in our basement – that I am converting into my home-office space. So a lot of browsing for home decor stuff,, as you can imagine and I am obsessed with decorative baskets. So many styles – and all the different sizes and shapes!

// The Last Seen Podcast
This journalistic investigation about the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum’s art heist, the largest art heist in history was so good, I binged through the series. I was stuck on the road in a snow storm for more than 2.5 hours, and it was only bearable thanks to this show. It digs into all the key evidences, the politics in the police department, interviews with the witness of the crime … like watching a crime drama movie!

// The cutest powder blue top I got for myself – I am waiting for spring desperately !

// The whole Gaga-Pitt drama is crazy! I think it is in poor taste since he seems to be going strong with his girlfriend. This article is a good one – stop pitting women against each other. Which side are you on?

//A lot of TV happened this week. We finally saw Gully Boy ( Bollywood movie ) and here’s what I thought … disappointed! Sorry I know many of you loved it, but I was a bit underwhelmed. The theme of the movie and such strong actors had raised expectations, but I thought there was more masala than required.

But Amit and I saw the series Inside Edge on Prime , based on so many of your recommendations. Loved it and saw the entire series in 3 days! ( I totally see the irony – I am so busy and also me – I binged on an entire series haha =))

Have a fantastic weekend with what you have planned. We have a lot of snow coming down this weekend – so my plans include being at home with a sick baby and husband and watching nursery rhymes on TV in a loop . xx Neha



  1. I love reading your write ups Neha.They always bring a smile on my smile.Wishing a speedy recovery to Zoe and Amit

  2. I love reading your write ups Neha.They always bring a smile on my face.Wishing a speedy recovery to Zoe and Amit

  3. Loving these outfits babe. Your photos are amazing as always!
    Alyssa Brianna |

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