Happy April. The last month just somehow flew – I had so much going on! First of all, I think I fell the most sick in the last few weeks than I’ve ever been in my entire life. Ugh! I always used to say that I never fall sick and there you go – obviously jinxed it. I’ve been down with strep, a really bad throat infection and the worst stomach bug all within a span of few weeks. Also, Amit had his knee surgery ( second one on the same knee ) last week. Hopefully with the month, all that sickness is also behind us now.

Other than that, March was a very exciting month. Work has been extremely busy lately but extremely interesting. We played Holi ( Holi is an Indian festival and my favorite one) I love it so much that I once flew down to India just to celebrate it with my family and friends. We had a blast – the colors, dance, music, food – had the best time ! I also saw some really good shows, movies, read AN ENTIRE book, added a few new beauty favorites to my routine and ofcourse have new podcast shows that I loved and can’t wait to share with you.

Let’s get going… here is a round-up of some March Favorites.

I get so many questions related to podcasts all the time, that I think I should start a podcast-club. We could talk about podcast shows, our favorite episodes, favorite hosts, what we liked, what we dint like, discuss them in detail… ahhh so exciting! What do you think? 🙂

There are so many that I heard this month. Up First by NPR is one of my favorites to listen to every morning. It is a 10-12 minute reporting of the news headlines each morning. On How I Built this, I heard the episode of Logic, the rapper. It is such an interesting story of his journey from being young and broke to being a succesful artist in the music industry, they talk about his struggles with mental illness, breaking down before a concert, dealing with success, a different approach to launching the career. Another fun one that I listened to was the conversation between Oprah and Julia Roberts on the show Oprah’s Super Soul Conversation. I am mildly obsessed with Julia Roberts – she is so honest, funny and relatable in the interview.

One of my highlights of this month was that I finished an entire book ! And what’s more important to be noted here is that it wasn’t a book about parenting hacks or managing toddler tantrums ! I used to be such an avid reader and miss reading so much. I should note here that I do pick up a book every night but just don’t get past one or two pages – the exhaustion is real! The Banker’s Wife was a good one to pick up, a real page turner. It is a suspense-thriller and very well written.

// Oribe’s Supershine Moisturizing Crème
I am in love with this hair cream.I apply it in wet hair and once the hair is dry, it just leaves the hair feeling so smooth and soft. Not greasy at all like some hair creams or serums tend to do.

// The prettiest dress for summer – chiffon, flowy, floral and under $50

// Got these leggings in 3 colors – they are still on sale.

// Shopped my heart out for Zoe in the Old Navy and Gap sale. I love their sale this time of the year – winter pieces are on sale and so are spring-summer ones.

// I cannot pass up a polka-dots pieces and this top is so good, the rich color and the bold polka dots.

// Movie
We saw the Bucket List on Netflix. It is in a Marathi language movie and although I’ve lost touch with the language now ( studied the language in school ) – it was easy to follow and the subtitles helped. I liked the concept of the story – portraying the story of a woman who all her life has been an ideal wife, mother, daughter, daughter-in-law and pretty content with that life, but then how an incident changes her perspective in life. How she finds her independence and the journey of standing for herself. It was a bit slow towards the end but overall a good movie with a strong female protagonist.

// Parenthood – TV Series on Netflix
OMG! I am LOVING the show so much. I am on season 2 and cannot stop binging. And by binging I mean, working out a few extra minutes on the elliptical because that’s my time to catchup on shows. Or have it run on my iPad while I am cooking.

Have a fantastic April! xx Neha


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  1. Inspiredby you and Following your footsteps
    I also finished Bankers wife. ( Do suggest some new one).
    I also watched bucket list
    Planning to restart Parenthood today..

    ( Do u think I am a copy 🐈,,,,😂😂)

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