This series is quickly becoming a popular read which makes me excited to sit down at the end of the month and pen everything down.

Well technically, we are a week into May but on that note, it doesn’t quite feel like Spring yet. It has been very rainy and cold and I am now just hoping that summer sets in sooner. Spring – you may be skipped!

April was all in all a very busy month – workwise and also on the blog front. But the most exciting thing was our trip to New York. More to come on that – I will be doing a full recap post about our trip. A lot of you have asked for it. For now, lets start with the round-ups …

//Lovepop cards

I was so excited when Lovepop reached out to me to share some of their beautiful cards for Mother’s Day. It is a brand that has been popularized by Shark Tank and their success is well deserved – the cards are simply unique. I shared some of my favorite designs on Instagram.

// Book – One Day in December  

I am trying to get back to reading books and hoping to do atleast one book a month. This book is such a sweet, romantic novel – almost like a holiday movie. Definitely recommend it if you are looking for an easy-breezy and feel-good read.


Ahhh SO many this month. My work commute is long but I can’t complain. I listened to a LOT of podcasts last month – some that I absolutely loved but there were also some very disappointing ones. I am a sucker for good content and really get upset if I have picked something that sounds interesting but doesn’t live up to delivering. Time is an important asset – which I hate to give away to bad content. ( don’t you feel that way when sitting inside a theatre watching a horribly made movie? ughh! ) The ones that were definitely worth the time –

– Super Soul Conversation : The interview of Melinda Gates by Oprah

Melinda Gates talks about the work they do to empower women, transformation improvements in the health and prosperity of communities around the world. About how to raise children to understand the importance of money and ambition and how does it look like raising kids in extremely affluent households.

– Ted Radio Hour : Failure is an Option

Some very good examples talking about how failure is okay, and makes us smarter and stronger when on the path to success.

– The Ikonns : Building a Positive Mindset

When I asked for recommendations on Instagram for podcast shows – quite a few came in for the Ikonns podcast. I’ve been following the couple, Mimi and Alex Ikonn for a while on Instagram and have always loved reading about their journey and the perspective towards life. This is a nice episode where they talk about gratitude, visualization and persistence.

– Harvard Business Review – Women at Work : Step into the Spotlight

Talks about viability for women in the workplace. Do women have to make sacrifices, have to take a step back at times to manage family responsibilities, on how to find balance, ways to make yourself seen – a very good conversation.

//Moroccan Oil

OMG – love at first drop. I am obsessed with two things about this oil : one – how it makes my hair feel and second – the smell! I’ve been using it on and off since last few months and wanted to write about it about getting a good sense of it. How I use it : after a hair wash and air drying my hair ( or with a hair dryer if in a hurry ) – I take a few drops in my palms and rub it gently in my hair. It smoothens out any frizz and the hair feels really-really soft. Plus – did I mention it smells amazing!

//Shopping Finds 

– these colorful tassel earrings from Target

– and the perfect lavender summer dress to wear them with

– pearl accessories are having such a fashion moment lately, I ordered this white pearl beaded handbag. It will be on repeat through the summer

– these pearl hair clips are popping all over on my Instagram feed

– I wore this blue flowy maxi in New York and got so many compliments from strangers on the streets

– I am very skeptical of ordering clothes from Amazon, but this sheath dress from Calvin Klein looks amazing and will be so perfect for office

//Home Office

Incase you missed it – a tour of my home office. The contemporary desk from Raymour and Flanigan is such a statement piece.


What are some of your recent favorites?




  1. I love round up posts because I’m not always able to catch up on blogs as much as I’d like to, so it gives me an idea and reminder of what I may have missed. So, I can understand why it’s so popular with your readers! That photo of you and your daughter is so cute! Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re having a great start to May so far!


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