So excited as I type this post… keep reading, you’ll know why.

As much as I enjoy decorating our house and doing little makeovers to rooms, moving things around, adding little pieces that I come across – the foyer for some reason always remained neglected. May be because it is such a small space and ofcourse not one where we spend any time per say. All these years, we’ve had a basic console table and a chair that I found from an antique store in Cape Cod many-many years ago. And this little setup was functional. But then recently, Pottery Barn Apartments ( yup! Pottery Barn *imagine me saying it with big wide eyes, big hands and a big smile* )  reached out to me and gave me a very fun challenge – decorate a small space – make it functional and stylish!

Hmmm – that sounds fun, let’s do it!

The jute chair caught my eye and set the tone for everything else that I picked. Since our foyer opens up into the dining room, the rug was a nice addition to have the two rooms flow into each other. If you know me – you know I love adding fake plants in every room of the house. The pop of green brightens up the space and lends it a nice, natural vibe. The hanging plants are old and we’ve had the home and love frames for years. I was unsure of the candle-stand initially when I ordered it, but then after I put it on the console table, I love how the wooden finish goes well with the other jute pieces, especially those cute baskets.

It’s a small space but as usual the process of looking for ideas, browsing magazines and online archives, picking pieces, shopping for decor, arranging-re-arranging, is so much fun. Almost therapeutic and makes me so happy to see the facelift of this space that I never bothered decorating.

I have collected some ginger jars from antique stores over the years, once Zoe is old enough to not knock them down, I plan on bringing those out and arranging them on the table as well. And now, I cant wait to give the foyer touches with fall and holiday decor ! xo Neha


A huge Thank You to Pottery Barn Apartment for partnering on this post. I have been a fan of the brand since years, so it was an honor to be thought of. I hope you loved this space reveal too and thank you for all your love and support on these fun, creative projects that I share here. 







  1. Love this space 💗.. It looks so fresh amd peaceful.. Love everything that exudes positivity and good vibes, and this place does exactly that.. Plus its one of my fav combos – white, green and wood brown.. Also, can’t really decide what looks better – this space or you? 😍 And yes, i love that TOP!! 🤩

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