Sometimes, as I reflect back on the days of my 20s, I remember planning intensely for the three months of summer. Trying to pack in a ton of trips, back-to-back weekends of picnics and barbecues. Having a Friday with no plans to hit the city would make me anxious. But things are so different now. Having back-to-back weekends of plans will have me finding reasons to come out of some. The picnics, beaches and parties are all very much still in the agenda involving a ton of kids activities – but I am finding happiness in the simple, small things that summer stands for.

// Taking a walk – Walking in the city as the sun starts going down, watching the world pass by, rush into restaurants to grab the coveted al fresco dining seats, the faint sound of a band playing in a park nearby, families with kids running in front of them, couples walking hand-in-hand, someone sitting on a bench with a book cherishing the solitude. Soaking the smells and sounds of summer, lost in my own thoughts or eating my husband’s ears off, a coffee in hand or running behind my daughter.

// Day trips to familiar places – Exploring a new place is undeniable an adventure, but there’s something to say about visiting and re-visiting a beloved town again and again. The familiarity of the place, the restaurant you love, the corners and streets that you know so well – there’s a certain calmness that brings. It is like winding down in a comfort zone but also exploring – because you know there’s always something new you’ll find. I have a few such towns close to Boston that I love going to time and again.

Do you have any such place?

// Read an entire book in a day – Ahh I truly miss devouring an entire book in a day. Life with kids is like being pulled in different directions. But one of these sunny-summer days, I want to sit out in the yard and read. Without the phone by my side. May be for a couple of hours un-distracted. Well now – wouldn’t that be nice ? xx- Neha


Outfit details : Zoe and I both are are wearing Masala Baby pieces 






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