I am so excited about today’s post, you know what they say – change your hair, change your life. It’s true! Even if it isn’t a drastic change – a fresh trim or chopping off inches, a simple blow dry or a styling treatment – it doesn’t matter. You always walk out feeling like a celebrity.

I am not very high maintenance when it comes to hair ( and I’d like to think that in general as well – just don’t ask my husband, his answer might differ ) Coming back to the hair –  for the most part, my hair has been generally straight and has a fairly smooth texture. Post pregnancy hair changes aside ( that is another thing we can discuss another day – that hair fall is real !!  ) , the one time I don’t feel so good about my hair is when I am traveling or back from vacation. The change in water/air/weather – makes it feel less “alive”.

This time after I came back from my trip from India, I was looking for some serious health boost to my hair. Considering, I had gotten such a drastic hair cut ( chopping off about 7 inches of my hair and it feels so fabulous  ), it only made sense to try on the shine treatment that Hair Cuttery offers, to keep showing the love to my new hairstyle. Let’s backup a bit – a few months, the lovely team at Hair Cuttery shared their hair coloring and gloss services with me. The Gloss service which doesn’t change your hair color sounded very interesting and what better reason and timing to check it out when I was looking for infusing some life in my hair any way.

Let’s talk about the Shine Bomb process and my experience 

I decided to go with the Redken Shine Bomb service at the local Hair Cuttery. It is a demi-permanent, transparent color so it doesn’t change your hair color and simply adds a coat of gloss to the hair.  Also, more important to know is that it is ammonia free – which I care about deeply.


With 3 days of unwashed hair, I thought we’d have to get my hair washed first before starting the treatment. But apparently, the gloss sits even better on slightly oily hair.

My stylist was amazing, so knowledgeable  – loved chatting with her about technicalities of the service and product and just in general, about hair as well. We started applying the gloss first which took about 10-15 min. Then let it sit for 20 min. And then did a wash (shampoo and conditioner). And then came the blow dry! As my stylist was doing the blow dry – moving the hair brush through my hair, you could see the bounces and the look of healthy hair.

I was still a bit skeptical about if the healthy, shiny hair was a result of a good blow dry or the treatment itself. I got these pictures done a few days later ( the one in the pink dress ) and while the blow dry had phased out ( I washed it once after the gloss treatment ), but the gloss can still be felt.

And how do I know that it is noticeable – I had a couple colleagues at work ask if I had done something with my hair because it looked shiny/healthier. Now that’s a good testament.

This is supposed to last about 20 washes and I don’t think I will be thinking too much about getting another one, probably closer to start of the winters – one because how extremely reasonable the whole treatment is ( for my hair length it was around $50 with the blow dry ) , it isn’t too time-consuming, doesn’t have any ammonia and moreover how good and soft the hair feels right now!


A huge Thank You to Hair Cuttery for the amazing experience and partnering on this post. 



  1. You are such a diva and so stunning 😍 Also your hair does look healthy and bouncy!! 🤩

    1. Definitely worth giving it a try! I love the non-commitment to color aspect and the hair does feel shiny and soft.

  2. I have this done every 6 weeks. My hair is white (my version of grey) and blonde. At 60 this treatment keeps my hair looking like a much younger woman. I highly recommend it to anyone.

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