Please tell me I am not the only one who at some point during the day or week or month complains that there just isn’t enough time! Actually, based on the number of emails and messages I get asking for what my schedule looks like or asking to share any time management tips – I am going to safely assume that atleast I am not the only one in that boat.

By no means have I figured this whole time management thing out. With a full-time job, a blog that I love because it helps me get connected to all of you and the biggest role of them all – being a mom – I find myself wishing for a few more hours in the day. So I could play a little more with my daughter and work a little more on the work presentation or clean a little more or the most requested – sleep a little more!

The truth is while it does get overwhelming at first, we all find our way through things. We have to find a routine that works for us, define our priorities, find ways to do things faster and efficiently. With so many apps and services available today to help make our busy lives easier – we have so many options now to pick and choose the areas where we can “delegate” someone to help with our chores. Peapod by Stop and Shop is one such service that I love.

I have been shopping at Stop and Shop forever and have always appreciated their prices and quality. Although this post is written in partnership with Stop and Shop, inspite of that anyone who knows me can attest how much I love their customer service. There is always someone who knows the store well enough ready to help with any questions. Sometimes when I have time on hand, I take Zoe grocery shopping and turn it into a learning session. We go through the aisles speaking aloud the names and color and shapes of products. Stop and Shop ( I don’t know about all stores, atleast the one that I shop at ) has a section for free fruits for toddlers to snack on while shopping. I think it’s the little things like these that show how much you value your customers. The fact that they carry party supplies, cards, home products and even back-to-school supplies – making things easier when you want a one-stop-shop at times.

And I cannot forget my favorite part – the grab-and-go section with the yummy muffins that invariably make their way into my cart or the “crossan” ( croissants) that Zoe loves.

The service that I  started taking advantage of since the last few months is the Peapod service. If you know me ( in person or through the blog/Instagram ) , you know I am a walking ad for online shopping. I have converted many a friends real ones and online ones alike to online shopping. Placing the order online, drive to the store and someone brings it to your car. Coming back from work and picking up groceries helps save those 30-40 minutes of shopping and I can use these to spend with Amit and Zoe – and I cannot tell you how much that matters to me, because between coming back from work and Zoe’s bed time we only have a couple of hours. So those extra minutes when something can be automated are so precious!


A big Thank You to Stop and Shop for partnering on this post. I have been a shopper at the stores for years and have always loved their service, quality and respect towards customers.




  1. OMG, yes! I definitely feel your need for more time. Since becoming a mom, I’ve been looking for ways to cut back on more time spent on certain things that may not necessarily be needed and use that time for something that does—usually the girls. I’ll have to look into utilizing this kind of service when offered because I know it can certainly help. Thanks for the nudge, babe, and you are looking stunning in that dress. Happy Friday!



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