I have so many pictures from this month, I just havent gotten around to posting them. Let me start with these matching PJ ones ( and don’t hold me to posting the rest soon, things are pretty crazy around here. but I miss you blog ! ) One Saturday morning, I got my people to jump on the bed with me, set the camera on a tripod and off with the clicker we went. I also had my phone set next to the camera so I could capture all the fun ( and fuss ) we have while taking family pictures. So glad I did that – all those precious reactions from Zoe, are now on video! (I posted the video here)  – I have so much fun creating the videos and I watch them 100 times a day!

The classic eyes-closed-and-smile-for-the-camera pose

My husband who otherwise wouldn’t agree to wearing matching PJs – has no other option if he wants in on the pictures and not be on the other side taking them. Well done, Neha – good thinking!

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones or traveling or getting some rest or doing things you love. xx Neha



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