Letter to my daughter – Motherhood Diary

You start your sentences with “when I was a baby” making me realize that my baby is not so much a baby anymore
And so I want to hold on to the innocent moments for a little longer when you come running from behind the door screaming peek-a-boo, my baby running into my arms

you climb on the stool to get your cup from the shelf yourself, my eyes in wonder at how much you’ve grown
And so I don’t want to say no to you, no matter how tired my eyes might be – when you come to me with your hands overflowing with books asking me to read them all. And then one more.

You insist on wearing your jacket yourself, beaming with pride doing that jacket flip
I see those pants riding up your ankles when you ride your bike, telling me how fast you are growing

My heart melting snuggle with you bunny tightly in your crib

And as you are waking up, and wanting to hold me tight – saying “let’s stick mumma”
you try jumping so high screaming you want to touch the sky
your fearless runs to catch the rabbit and squirrels and bugs
your curious mind and never ending why’s and where’s
you bringing me your blanket and trying to comb my hair when you see I am stressed
You are growing up my baby girl

You declare to everyone you meet that you are a big girl

But – my big girl – my baby you’ll always be 💗


Outfit details
Zoe’s dress – Cecil & Lou, Zoe’s sparkly shoes – Pediped
My dress – Bloomingdale’s, headband – borrowed from Zoe =))




  1. Arre itni badi kab ho gayi. Few month backonly she used to come to me to pick her up

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