Zoe, my baby you are three. Such a strong-minded, free spirited girl, independent girl you are turning into. You have been so excited about your birthday – you have announced to pretty much everyone you’ve seen that your birthday is coming up, even jumped on to one of my office calls and made that announcement. On the night before your birthday, we had a sleepover, you came in our bed and I held on to my two year old daughter as tight as I could.

It is a joy to see you grow, witness the new things you are learning, be part of your creativity and imaginative games, become your own self, create games from your imagination and as these moments fly by,  I want to store away in our memory vaults, so we can together go through them, remember these growing baby years.

Your sensitivity to when people around you are upset, melts my heart. When addy was leaving for a trip for and you saw me sad, you jumped on to me throwing yourself in my arms, wiping my tears – my barely 2 year old girl telling me – it’s okay mumma.

And then the months when we were all in a strict quarantine ( aahh Zoe – this year is going down in history for the entire world ! ) – I was overwhelmed with work and you being home and me feeling guilty about not being able to give you enough time, you saw me breakdown one evening. You quietly went to your room and got me your blanket. Here you go mumma. That moment plays in my head often and I feel so proud of how attuned you are to the emotions of others.

You want to sleep with your green hair ties and bubba and baba-ta-chi. It is moments like these when I see the glimpse of my little girl in the big girl that you have titled yourself with. You have very clear definitions for things that big kids are supposed to do and the ones that are meant for babies. In the middle of a massive meltdown, you tell us – I am only doing acting. Crying is only for babies, LOL – taking your parents for a ride! But then at times when you dont want to eat your dinner, you tell me that its okay for mumma to feed big girls sometimes. I am cherishing these moments.

When you were resuming school after five months and this emotional sappy mom of yours couldn’t hold her tears back – you turned back and said – don’t worry mumma, big girls come back! ( same as we tell you – grown ups come back ! ) And then little missy ! you run inside the school without even turning back to say good-bye. Ughh !

You are so fiercely independent. Turning the world upside down if we dare do something that you know how to do or want to try your hand at.

And that innocence! You asked me to buy a brother because your friend had one. How can I bottle all these moments up.

And let’s talk about that attitude! that sassiness of your – but mumma I already said thank you, I cant say it again. Next times don’t add that in my food, otherwise Ill be very upset. Umm ok yes your highness.

It is so adorable to see your connection for addy. You have stars in your eyes for him – you do a summersault or hang on the monkey bar and scream – looook addy! Or when I am dressing you up in a new outfit – I have barely zipped it up and you dash off screaming running down the stairs – I cant wait to show addy.

You are a big panchayat, interested in knowing what every single person is doing. Where is that person going. What is he talking? Who is he talking to? Why is he sitting? Addy and I are speechless or rolling our eyes at the never-ending questions. But the curiosity of childhood is so beautiful – you are teaching us to look at the world through a different lens. Your acute observation never ceases to impress us. When we went to someone’s house recently, you asked me why are there 3 toothbrushes in the bathroom, who is the third person besides uncle and aunty.

So much purity of thought, non-judgmental, openness of heart. Always let that be.

As you turn three, know you’ve got a friend in me, I am rooting for you, reach for the stars – just like you always say – I want to jump so high so I can touch the sky, be what you want to be, do what you want to do, stay true to your values, treat everyone with kindness. Love yourself.  — Love, mumma


Outfit details 

my dress : Show me your mumu off-shoulder lace dress

Zoe’s outfit : Pippa and Julie petal tulle dress, Pediped footwear sandals



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