These last few months, I feel Zoe is growing up so fast. Every day she surprises me with something new – a new way of expressing herself, a new song she heard somewhere, new words – big words!! Just last week, she started reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, just casually, while we were changing clothes. Wait! When did that happen? Those are some big words kid.

A few days back, when I went in her room in the morning, she woke up and said – mumma, you are my best friend in the whole world. STAY STILL MY HEART. I texted my mom right then telling her about this, it was such a big moment. Lately, every Sunday  – I’ve been doing a sleepover with her. What that really is – after she wakes up in the morning, I bring her in our bed, ask Amit to go to another room and just Zoe and me. Hugging and sleeping. In those sleepy moments, she murmurs – mumma, you are not hugging me tightly. I want to somehow bottle up these moments.

Amidst the hectic weekday schedule, every evening I try to spend some time one-on-one time with Zoe. We do things together or just chat and through those conversations I see her maturing while still being her silly self, making up stories, talking about her day in school. Every now and then when I try to feed her a spoon or put her clothes on – she asserts – I can do it myself. And I tell her, but I want to do it and she replies back – but then when will I do it. Now – how do you win that argument. It makes me so proud to see her becoming independent and my heart tugs at the same time, where did my baby go.

If you know me personally or have been reading for a bit, you know how much I value the little traditions that we grew up with and pass them on to Zoe, while also creating our own. Getting into the holiday mood, we decorated cookies while having a Christmas playlist playing/blaring on TV. It got very competitive – with Zoe and Amit going crazy on the decorations while I am happy to not do anything that involves art – but did I do a mean minimalist cookie or what. haha! Zoe licking the frosting right from the tube or proudly showing off her decorated cookies – you see, we are just creating moments while creating these traditions.

Details in the post

Zoe’s dress : Cecil and Lou Christmas collection

my dress : Asos eyelet pleated dress 

Christmas tree

stockings with initials

Santa sack

Chandelier : Lamps plus



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