They asked her “How did you persuade your child to read ?”

She said ” Children dont listen to us, they imitate us”

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How true do these words ring for me. I definitely get my love for reading from my mom. Some of my childhood memories include watching mom read and snuggling next to her with a book of my own.  I remember our evening walks to the local library and bringing back so many books. The first big girl book Nancy Drew that we bought at the local book store and me reading it all through dinner.

Reading books together is one of my favorite things to do with Zoe.The first thing she does each morning after waking up, is bring a stack of books in our bed and asks us to read them. And if we are not up yet, she claims she is reading them herself flipping through, making up stories, calling out the images. I’ve always found that to be fascinating  – to be lost in the world of books. To visualize the characters, the places, the scenes.

The books that we read together leave me amazed every single time at the breadth of the topics the books cover, the illustrations and narration telling such beautiful stories. Not just fiction, not just imagination – so much more – conversation starters about inclusivity, kindness, friendships, love, the world, values…And enacting them with her is a party!

Here are some of our favorites that we’ve read between the ages 2 to 3, a lot of picture books, board books, small stories.

While all the books are linked , available on Amazon and other places we find books – I am everyday grateful to the local libraries for giving us access to a world of books.


List of books we love

One of our favorite books. We read it pretty much everyday. So much drama and fun between the two friends, an elephant and a pig. The illustrations are so impressive – we enact these books all the time and have so much fun.

This is another favorite. It is a story about a mouse that is a little lost away from home and finds his way back. The reunion between the mom-mouse and baby-mouse is adorable.

Just a funny book with funny pictures perfect if you are starting the potty training journey. We always had good laughs while reading it.

A book about independence, doing the little things by yourself. Perfect for budding independence. Our copy of the book is in tatters now – we’ve read this so many times.

      • Emily’s first day of school

I can’t find this book on Amazon and can’t remember where we got it. It is such a sweet book about the first day of school, new teacher, new friends, a cubby, and activities.

A fun story about a bear looking for a gift for a fish friend and ends up buying shoes. We giggle every time we read it at the silliness.

This is such a sweet book about a mother-daughter trip to New York and the places they visit, the things they do. The illustrations are just so beautiful.

A fun way to learn about the Solar System. This is one of the books that gets asked to be read often in our home.

An interactive book with colorful dots to learn about colors and directions and making things happen.

This book is about the Boston Public Garden and the ducks at the duck pond making it their home. We love relating the book when we go into the city and spotting the ducks. Makes for a good gift for Boston based babies.

Inspirational/Lesson books

Oh I just love the message in this book. How the umbrella can keep growing making space for everyone regardless of whether it’s a human or animal, regardless of what one is wearing, regardless of body size. Such a nice message.

The bunny goes around looking at how its friends are good at so many things and has a moment of self-doubt. But then realizes its greatest strengths – it can make others laugh. Such a sweet and simple story about realizing our strengths and loving ourselves.

This book is written by two amazing women, moms who like many of us away from the country we grew up in, want to teach our kids about our culture, the stories we grew up with. This story is about a crow wanting to like colorful like others but slowly learning that nothing is more you, than you yourself.

One of my favorite books! The message is simple and profound – I CAN ! How will you know what you can do, until you try it and have the confidence in yourself. The illustrations in this book are so good; it truly feels like the story is coming to life through the images.

Story about women who have made a mark in history! Lets make sure our sons and daughters know about them, learn from them.

It’s a classic. The boy whose nose would become long when he lied.

Bedtime books

      • 5-Minute Fairy Tales
      • Pepper brushes his teeth
      • Ten Twinkly Stars
      • Ten Little Night Stars
      • How do you say – Good Night

Festival/Occasion books




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