About Me


LovePlayingDressup_NehaGandhiHello there! I am Neha Gandhi, editor of Love Playing Dressup.


Love Playing Dressup encompasses fashion, lifestyle, beauty, travel and home decor. This blog gives an insight into my personal style and everyday discoveries with the aim to inspire you to  “dressup” little moments of your life.

Playing Dressup isn’t just about wearing a glamorous outfit or putting on make-up.

It is symbolic of a lifestyle – about transforming yourself to the best version possible.

I started Love Playing Dressup to connect with you, listen to your stories and share mine along the way!




The story so far :

I grew up in Bombay  and in 2005, took the biggest leap of my life – came to Boston for my Masters ( in Information Systems) at Northeastern University (Go Huskies!) Few years ago, I got married to my best friend and had the wedding of my dreams – Bollywood-style, 7 days long, 3000 guests, horses & elephants!  I have a full time corporate job that much keeps me busy 9-5 and most times beyond that!

Love Playing Dressup isn’t just a creative outlet but a place formed out of love – love for writing, playing dressup, decorating and living little moments to the fullest. I am so happy and feel blessed that you are a part of this journey with me! xo – Neha