Here are some of my favorite things – ones that I’ve either gifted in the past or those that Amit has hinted ( very openly ) for stuff that he’d love to get.

    • Oculus Virtual Reality Headset – I got this for Amit last Christmas and it is one of my favorite gifts that I’ve given Amit, because I probably play with it more than he does. It is the trendy thing that guys love having ( #eyeroll ) but also so much fun for anyone else.
    • Foot and Calf Messager : We have this at home and trust me, it is one of the best “self-care” things you’ll ever purchase. After a long day, hard-core workout session, long trip or just to relax on a weekend – it is amazing. Infact, over the years – I’ve purchased this as a gift for close friends as well. Everyone loves it.
    • Apple Smart Watch : This is one of the most popular Father’s Day gift ideas. I personally don’t like smart watches – because it’ll be another thing in addition to my laptop and phone that I’ll be tempted to check/engage with all day. But I think, Amit is going to get one pretty soon. He loves these gadgety-things!
    •  Yeti tumbler and mug : Can’t go wrong with either of these.
    • Hoverboard : So fun! I got this for Amit for his birthday and I’ve been enjoying it for myself !
    • Massage Gun : This one is really amazing for the price – you get a good bang for the buck. It works great for sore muscles or just end of the day relaxing.




When I was pregnant with Zoe, I would call my mom with questions about being pregnant, about her experience and stories about raising my brother and I,  and all the million questions that a pregnant/new mom would typically have. I specifically remember asking her how did I learn to love books so much? How did they imbibe the passion for reading in me. To which mom had said – you can’t teach your kid to be passionate about something but you give them the tools, encouragement and set an example.

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It’s the hap-hap-happiest time of the year!

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Zoe’s outfit from Gymboree 

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