We celebrated Diwali this past weekend and on the morning of Diwali – after lighting diyas all over the house, we all dressed up ( I made everyone would be rather accurate ) and take pictures. I want to pass on all the excitement, the culture, the rituals that I grew up with, to Zoe and the festivals are such a good time to involve her in every little detail. I asked her to hold my hand while I lighted the diyas and hand us the decorations as Amit hung them around the house. Screaming Happy Diwali on facetime calls, with Zoe echoing Happy Diwani, doing puja, visiting close friends on Diwali day with sweets and gifts – it was a beautiful Diwali day. I dont agree when people away from India ( who grew up in India celebrating Diwali) say that it was a whatever kind of day or nothing like back home – it all depends on how we choose to celebrate the festival. Some elements will definitely be different, but that’s true even for the celebrations in India. It is up to us to feel the excitement, to breathe in the festive spirit and exude it. And now, moreso to pass that spirit on.

Good ole tripod and a clicker and we have some really fun family pictures – if you notice closely, Zoe is holding the clicker in some pictures – there you go, official photographer in the house!

Also sharing the decor details at the end of the post.


Happy Diwali and Happy New year to all of you celebrating. I absolutely love this festive time of the year. xo – Neha

My outfit : custom-made

hair gajra ( floral hair accessory ) , and more options here

marigold garlands ( I used heavy duty clear tape to put them it holds well ), more garland options ( some with prime delivery option )

Door torans 

Rangoli decorations

Curtain lights ( used these hooks to put them on )

small kandils/lanterns, more here 

Rangoli swirls and Happy Diwali banner 

Door toran with Amazon prime delivery

Diyas and Diya rangolis


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