I wont lie, today has been kind of low day. Taking down the Christmas decor, stripping the windows and outdoors of the lights and replacing the fireplace mantle with the usual clock is the not so exciting part about the holiday season. When Zoe realized all the decor was getting packed away – she rushed to the Santa mailbox ( decor thing) and started pulling out random things that she had stuffed in the mailbox which we had no idea about – crayons, socks, a PJ shirt along with the letters we had written to Santa. Hah! That innocence!

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I have so many pictures from this month, I just havent gotten around to posting them. Let me start with these matching PJ ones ( and don’t hold me to posting the rest soon, things are pretty crazy around here. but I miss you blog ! ) One Saturday morning, I got my people to jump on the bed with me, set the camera on a tripod and off with the clicker we went. I also had my phone set next to the camera so I could capture all the fun ( and fuss ) we have while taking family pictures. So glad I did that – all those precious reactions from Zoe, are now on video! (I posted the video here)  – I have so much fun creating the videos and I watch them 100 times a day!

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Striped Pants

Love Playing DressupEvery once in a while, I find myself in a rut! It becomes apparent, when in the kitchen, I am making the same-ole dishes and in the closet, reaching for the same outfit again and again. The days feel like nothing but clockwork and a monotony starts setting in. I have realized that this happens mostly when life is going with full steam ahead, at a pace so fast, that there are no breaks taken to look around. Let me tell you – I don’t like that! I have been frantically looking for something to shake my monotony off. No amount of pinning or shopping was giving me what I really needed. And then I realized, the inspiration I have been looking for, was right there – at home! My husband! I find myself trying to be like him without really trying to – the calmness, patience and that humor. When I don’t know what to do in a situation – I think about what he would do. This time, I did what he does when everything else fails – give something totally unexpected a chance and see how that goes. I wouldn’t normally attempt to wear pinstripes. But, I did and realized these stripes are what I needed to break the circle of monotony. I am back in my element, running again at full speed. But this time I know, if I fall in that rut again – my inspiration is right besides me.

With the highest highs
And the lowest lows
no one shakes me like you do

~ Happy Birthday ~Love Playing Dressup_striped trousers 5 Love Playing Dressup_Striped Trousers 1Love Playing Dressup_Striped Trousers Love Playing Dressup_striped trousers 7 Love Playing Dressup_striped trousers 6Love Playing Dressup_Striped Trousers 2Love Playing Dressup_striped trousers 4 Love Playing Dressup_striped trousers 3

Forever21 top, Zara pants, Forever21 blazer, Chanel espadrilles, 3B Leather goods clutch – c/o, Celine sunnies 

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