Karvachauth ( Indian Festival ) Celebrations

 Is it just me or is the air around , festive? This week has been all about celebrations of Karva Chauth. 

You can read all Indian festival –  significance, story and the rituals here.

Although, my family does not traditionally celebrate this festival – there’s no way that the Bollywood buff in me wouldn’t go all in on this one 🙂 Last weekend , one of my girlfriends  had a Mehendi/Henna party at her place. The excitement there was nothing less than that at a wedding household. Put 20 girls in a room and ask them to get ready for a celebration – now would you expect anything less 😉 

 Photo Courtesy – one of  my gorgeous girlfriends 🙂

Yesterday my hubby & I celebrated Karva Chauth. Its like the Hindu version of Valentine’s Day , if you ask me. Married women spend the entire day ( until moonrise) without food & water – but the feast later more than makes up for it. And honestly , I could fast every once in a while , if it gives me an  excuse to dress-up traditionally and get gifts from the hubby 🙂

Here are some pics of me in an Indian sari and of the rituals that are performed on this occasion. Hope you enjoy them !

( clearly not a pro at sporting a sari 🙂 )
thali ( plate filled with symbolic items ) used to perform the rituals 

 offerings to the moon and then to the moon of our lives ( aka – the man who brings us gifts )

Traditional Indian Attire

Living in Boston, I just don’t get that many opportunities to dress per my roots .
But when I do – ohh trust me !!  I REALLY love playing dressup 🙂 

This weekend, we were invited to an Indian dance recital of a very close friend’s daughter.
I picked this outfit which was tucked away at the back of my closet for more than 4 years.
( but honestly , if you only have a handful of occasions to dress traditionally, how often would you repeat an outfit anyway – right 😉 )

The unique thing about this dress is that , its a hybrid sari slash salwar-kameez slash toga.
Its got the sexiness of the Traditional Indian Sari and the convenience of a salwar-kameez and when worn without the leggings, it easily transforms into a toga – perfect for a dinner-date !
Another reason I love it – its self-designed 🙂

Since there was so much going on below the neck and that I wanted to show-off my jhumkis – I decided to wear my hear in a sock-bun.

The dance recital was so beautiful that it brought tears to everybody’s eyes. The show went on for about 2.5 hrs and I dint want it to end.
And it took me back to those days when I used to perform on the stage ALL the time. Hoping one day- I go back to the stage 🙂 ( Please do send positive thoughts my way for that to happen some day :))

Self-designed dress, Kundan jewelry from India , Gold embroidered clutch from India,  Audrey Brooke Pumps ( similar – here & here )

For buying Indian-inspired jewelry – AmritaSingh is one of my favorites for shopping them online in the US.

Have a great week everyone !!