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What a last few days it has been. My blog was hacked last Friday and it was an extremely stressful 12 hours that we had. 12 hours probably dont sound like much but the thought that I would lose everything that I had ever written was extremely nerve-racking.

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Happy April. The last month just somehow flew – I had so much going on! First of all, I think I fell the most sick in the last few weeks than I’ve ever been in my entire life. Ugh! I always used to say that I never fall sick and there you go – obviously jinxed it. I’ve been down with strep, a really bad throat infection and the worst stomach bug all within a span of few weeks. Also, Amit had his knee surgery ( second one on the same knee ) last week. Hopefully with the month, all that sickness is also behind us now.

Other than that, March was a very exciting month. Work has been extremely busy lately but extremely interesting. We played Holi ( Holi is an Indian festival and my favorite one) I love it so much that I once flew down to India just to celebrate it with my family and friends. We had a blast – the colors, dance, music, food – had the best time ! I also saw some really good shows, movies, read AN ENTIRE book, added a few new beauty favorites to my routine and ofcourse have new podcast shows that I loved and can’t wait to share with you.

Let’s get going… here is a round-up of some March Favorites.

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Outfit Details : Mango dress, nude pumps, Quay sunnies

I’ve been thinking a lot about being dressed-up and the judgement that goes with it.

I remember after I had given birth and had some girlfriends come over to meet the baby, one of them commented that I did not look like a new mom at all. And that my husband must be doing all the baby’s work. All that because I had worn a clean dress, brushed up my hair and had applied lipstick because I was excited at the prospect of “socializing” and having  people over. Being a mom doesn’t mean that you have to go parading in front of people in dirty hair or milk stained clothes. It was as if  a badge I had to wear to display how busy I was or was a scale on which my parenting responsibilities would be measured.

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