Golden Globes Verdict

I don’t know if I love fashion more or some good cinema… maybe I cant decide – and that’s why the award seasons mean so much to me ! 
I’ll  watch the awards cover-to-cover and pass judgment like nobody’s business.

Here are the winners in my book !

 Kate Mara in J Mendel – 2nd Runner-up
This dress is ART !
hello Greek Goddess 🙂

Lupita Nyong’o in Ralph Lauren – 1st Runner-Up
This girl is on fire….. she is a walking ball of fire…

 Olivia Wilde in Gucci Premiere – Winner
How can this not be photoshopped? P-U-R-E PERFECTION !
I wish I would look half as good even when I am not pregnant …

And then there were some Ohh .. Oh My God… and Oh..Ok moments !

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior : The-Almost-Bride Award
Sans the ribbons, I would have given you the award for the bold & beautiful bride fo-sho !

Kaley Cuoco in Rani Zakhem :  I-Love-You-But-Dude-Why-O-Why Award
Oh…Ok..Hmmm..Not great…not bad.But you could do so much better Penny !

Amy Adams in Valentino : You-Sure-Arent-Getting-My-Mom’s-Approval Award
Oh My God… that Plunge !! 

All Photos borrowed from E-Online

What were your favorites and the not-so-much ones from the night?
Do tell … xo

Backpacking Checklist

A lot of people asked me how I packed 1 single bag for my 20 day trip. 
Honestly, if it wasn’t for the numerous backpacking blogs, travel forums and 
warnings from my husband & brother about abandoning me with my heavy bags if they were made to carry them , I would have been lugging down 2 heavy suitcases and may be 2 on my shoulders.It was no easy feat – trust me to take only the “bare” essentials. Tough decisions had to be made – choosing between black pumps and cant-live-without hair dyer – with both of them eventually losing . There are were atleast 3 iterations of the “final” packing. There was also a 10pm run ( 6 hrs before leaving for the airport) to buy a new backpack. 
Here are the not-so-secret contents of the backpack that I took with me.

It was more than just a vacation – it was about learnings, experiences, meeting people, making friends, and above all living  enjoying out of the comfort zone. I wasn’t thinking about what to wear, was unfazed by the bumpy bus rides cross countries, heck I wasn’t even concerned about showering !
There was a lot I loved – the dangerous hikes,the food, struggling past the language barriers, hitchhiking – but more than anything – what I enjoyed the most was the PEOPLE – seeing them on the streets no matter what time of day (or night) , chatting away all night with the locals  & the best of all – getting welcomed into their world. 
My advice – everyone should do one backing trip …atleast one … put that on your bucket list kids  🙂

Simple Pleasures

It is so easy and rather natural for us to take certain things for granted – especially the ones that were handed down to us on a platter. The hubby & I, each had a task on thanksgiving day, to list out the things we are grateful for in our day-to-day lives. 
Some obvious, some elementary and some silly – each entry so intrinsic.
 I think, I am getting these framed for our bed-side tables. Good reminders for simple yet  precious things that give us even the slightest ounce of happiness.

She is thankful for

He is thankful for

( try this exercise – it is so much fun. Its a good idea for a date-night spent 
in front of the fire paired with a glass of bubbly or on a family board-game night.
 Spend 20 min thinking about things 
that makes you smile – it’s beautiful !

Giving Thanks

I have a soft spot for monogrammed things.Monogrammed/personalized gifts are a fabulous idea for the holidays. They add a personal touch that makes the price irrelevant and makes your present exclusive. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I wanted to give thanks to a few people who have supported my 4 month old blog journey so far. I’ve received so much love – love in the form of appreciation and encouragement. Love in the form of ideas, collaborations and features. It absolutely makes my day when  someone sends me a note saying they can easily relate to me. Or when someone tells me that my tidbits helped them plan an outfit. Every comment  solidifies my want to keep writing on these pages. I got these personalized cards made that I am planning to send to all the beautiful women and the stores that collaborated with me on the blog.

One of the best decisions we made was to have our picture on the wedding invitation. It added intimacy and warmth to our invitation. Besides, we always keep these monogrammed cards handy – they are great tandems with gifts no matter what occasion.

Most of all, I want to thank all of you for taking the time to read what I have to say –
 that means the world to me – Thank You 🙂