Black & White with a Pop

NehaGandhi_LovePlayingDressup_NYDJ_Petiteblogger-6-2Last Friday, I was invited to the celebration party of NYDJ‘s LiveInSlim campaign. When the girls from NYDJ told me – I will be outfitted for the event (insert major squeal here) =))- how does one say no to that, right? It felt like being at a Dior Fashion Show – wearing Dior! I was honored to be invited and met some wonderful & talented folks. Loved meeting Grace from The Stripe – you should check out her blog if haven’t yet!

For the event, I picked a classic black and white combination – a color scheme, you can never go wrong with! Plus, I was going there straight from work, so was an easy transition to make – swapped my bag & black pumps with these colorful babies.

This week just zoomed by so quickly – its been like this since last couple of week with work, blog and the insanity around. But I am looking forward to kicking back and having some downtime this weekend. What plans do you guys have? – xo NehaInstagram-1-2bubbly kicking in & grooving with my girl AnnieInstagram-2 Instagram-3 The pretty blonde & the almost(?) brunette – with SaraNehaGandhi_LovePlayingDressup_NYDJ_Petiteblogger-4-2 NehaGandhi_LovePlayingDressup_NYDJ_Petiteblogger-7-2 NehaGandhi_LovePlayingDressup_NYDJ_Petiteblogger-1NehaGandhi_LovePlayingDressup_NYDJ_Petiteblogger-9 NehaGandhi_LovePlayingDressup_NYDJ_Petiteblogger-3-2 NehaGandhi_LovePlayingDressup_NYDJ_Petiteblogger-8-2

NYDJ top – c/o, NYDJ pants – c/o, Steve Madden pumps – similar here – and some more options below, Jimmy Choo candy clutch (at the event) & India Trend clutch 


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Little Black Dress

LovePlayingDressup-AdriannaPappell-LittleBlackDress-NehaGandhi-Blogger-NYFW-9Happy Monday loves! This is what I wore last Saturday when I was in New York for Fashion Week. It was brutally cold that week and although I have been going through the snowcopalyse that has hit Boston – the weather in New York was just another league! I have to tell you’ll this – when I was doing this shoot outside Lincoln Center, a few people stopped and snapped away my pictures as well. The mister tells me that’s probably because everyone thought I was a model. ( never mind him …he’s took vows to say the right things! =)) ) I think – it’s because people wanted to capture this and show all their friends, that some crazy lady probably out of her mind was going without a jacket and those heels in that -10F of the weather!

But you need to understand that I was channeling my inner Audrey Hepburn. And she isn’t afraid of the cold. She doesn’t mind what others think and of running wild. She walks in the city, braves the storm, holds her head high and does what she loves doing. She thinks about the future, worries what it holds but lives in the present. She loves and wants to be loved. She is me.. and she is you ! And – she always… always loves her little black dresses!LovePlayingDressup-AdriannaPappell-LittleBlackDress-NehaGandhi-Blogger-NYFW-5 LovePlayingDressup-AdriannaPappell-LittleBlackDress-NehaGandhi-Blogger-NYFW-6 LovePlayingDressup-AdriannaPappell-LittleBlackDress-NehaGandhi-Blogger-NYFW-8LovePlayingDressup-AdriannaPappell-LittleBlackDress-NehaGandhi-Blogger-NYFW-1 LovePlayingDressup-AdriannaPappell-LittleBlackDress-NehaGandhi-Blogger-NYFW-4 LovePlayingDressup-AdriannaPappell-LittleBlackDress-NehaGandhi-Blogger-NYFW-2 LovePlayingDressup-AdriannaPappell-LittleBlackDress-NehaGandhi-Blogger-NYFW-3

Adrianna Pappell dress – c/o, BCBG pumps, Gucci crossbody, Faux-fur wrap


All that Fuzz

LovePlayingDressup-ARYSweater-DistressedDenim-StreetStyle-2If it were the old Neha, she would have cringed at the sight of a pair of jeans that had a little rip in ’em, let alone flaunt one with a hole big enough for an entire foot pass through. Huh! My dad completely disapproved of torn clothing and once even offered to increase my pocket money, so I could buy non-torn-not-destroyed clothing. No kidding! But these days, I just cant seem to get enough of this trend. Anything and everything goes well with these puppies. I am dying over how cute this sweater is and how it goes so well with my jeans. I have been a huge fan of AYR – their minimalistic approach to fashion makes all their pieces so timeless. This fuzzy sweater and I might be sharing some kind of bond ever since it came into my life(closet) – it gives me warmth and versatility and I have been giving it the wear-all-the-time kind of loyalty =)) ( Btw – you have to check out Bonobos – AYR’s corresponding men’s fashion brand for the men in your life. It doesn’t fail to impress either! )

I love to stay cozy and fashionable when it gets chilly ( and you know, when it gets cold in Boston… it gets realllly cold) This faux-fur wrap checks every box on my winter-dressup list.

Stay safe & warm all you east coast troopers. And the rest of you who are enjoying warm and sunny days – stay with me on Instagram to see how this place is getting transformed into a true winter wonderland! x0 -Neha / Love Playing DressupLovePlayingDressup-ARYSweater-DistressedDenim-StreetStyle-5 LovePlayingDressup-ARYSweater-DistressedDenim-StreetStyle-6LovePlayingDressup-ARYSweater-DistressedDenim-StreetStyle-11 LovePlayingDressup-ARYSweater-DistressedDenim-StreetStyle-10LovePlayingDressup-ARYSweater-DistressedDenim-StreetStyle-7 LovePlayingDressup-ARYSweater-DistressedDenim-StreetStyle-2 LovePlayingDressup-ARYSweater-DistressedDenim-StreetStyle-3LovePlayingDressup-ARYSweater-DistressedDenim-StreetStyle-3LovePlayingDressup-ARYSweater-DistressedDenim-StreetStyle-8

AYR sweater – c/o ( go down a size when ordering ) , American Eagle denim ( I am wearing a “regular length” – that’s the petite version) , wrap via Nordstrom , Oxfords,  Rayban aviators, 3B Leather Goods saddle bag




Blush Coat

Love Playing DressupVacations are awesome but coming back home after them, is even more so. I am finally starting to feel that sense of normalcy after a long time. Crazy work days, managing the house, running the blog, catching up with friends and all that happens in between! But did I mention Serial yet? The podcast that the entire world is raving about! The long drives to work are suddenly looking up. I highly recommend listening to it, if you haven’t tuned in yet.

One of Amit’s and my resolutions together this year is to have more dates. Otherwise winters are such dampers to any plans to head out in the city and there’s always something going on, that we don’t do them as much as we would love to. Plus, I love dressing up every time he takes me out – even if it’s just for a morning run of caffeine =)) This weekend, brutal weather aside, we had the best time at the Nespresso Boutique. They even have some great vegan stuff – so perfect for me. I took out my Jessica Faulkner circle coat –  it’s so warm and there’s no science to styling it. Slip it on and that silhouette works on any body! Have you heard – blush pink is making its way up – as the new neutral?– love, Neha / Love Playing DressupLove Playing Dressup - Street Style - Winter -1-2Love Playing Dressup - Street Style - Winter -5 Love Playing Dressup - Street Style - Winter -3 Love Playing Dressup - Street Style - Winter -2Love Playing Dressup - Street Style - Winter -4

Jessica Faulkner coat – c/o, Articles of Society denim – c/o, Ivanka Trump boots – similar here & here, Gucci cross body, Kensie sunnies – c/o, Front Row Shop jacket