Power talk

loveplayingdressupThey say what you wear says a lot about you. I don’t know about that – but what I do know is what I wear says a lot To me.  Like, to an exam I always wore my old (lucky) shirt under a sweater and it encouraged me to be confident. I become a girlie girl twirling around in skirts because they remind me of my childhood carefree days and I do wear the mister’s button-downs every once in a while because they tell me — ummm…well I wear them coz they are super stylish There’s definitely some science behind the connection between how you dressup and psychology. When I was 10 and my crush at that time broke my heart, I remember my mom asking me to dressup in my favorite dress, also let me use her lipstick and took me out for ice-cream. And I remember feeling great after. May be the dress taught me to not fret over silly things like those . Nothing has changed even today. For an important day, I prefer to dressup in what I like to call my power outfit. It nudges me to stay strong and reminds me of the power within. The defined sillouhette of the pencil skirt highlights your curves and makes you  feel nothing but   powerful and chic.loveplayingdressup2 loveplayingdressup3 loveplayingdressup4 loveplayingdressup5 loveplayingdressup6 loveplayingdressup7 loveplayingdressup8

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The Happy Shirt


Once there was a king of a peaceful kingdom who was plagued by a serious and mysterious pridacament called “unhappiness”. He lost all interest in the state of affairs and melancholia had taken over the kingdom. Physicians, astrologers were called from far lands but none of the remedies they suggested helped overcome the looming unhappiness. One day, a  passerby heard of the problem and suggested that, if the king could be given a shirt of a happy man – that would be the panacea of all his problems. Desparate devout followers began their search to find that happy man whose shirt would be the answer to their flailing king and his dooming kingdom.

First they found a man who looked extremely happy. They approached him and asked him if there was anything he wanted that would make him really happy. He expressed that he needed money to build a bigger house for his family. They moved on. There were many who looked happy but were looking for something additional that would make them really happy. Almost having given up, they heard a farmer singing to himself while plowing his land. They followed him to his house and overheard him telling his wife how happy he was with the crops this year and how blessed he felt to have his family with him every day. They went inside his tiny, crumbling house. Torn by his impoversished conditions, they asked him if he wanted anything that would make him really happy. In an instant response, he said he had  everything that he would ever need in his life. They beamed, celebrated and satisfied with their discovery, asked the man to give them one of his shirts. The happy man however so poor – did not have a shirt !

There’s always something we seem to want in life. New job –  promotion –  new car – new pair of shoes – a raise – another vacation – always something. I am a strong believer of not being satisfied with what we have, because that might stop us from pursuing further. But, we have to appreciate what we have, where we are, celebrate the small successes and find happiness in little things. That’s not optional but a must !

Honestly, I think all the king needed was some bright colored clothes or a shopping trip. Retail therapy sure has proven to be an expresso-shot for an instant dose of happiness. { ask the girls ! } With spring around the corner, I am already getting all jazzed up about wearing florals and colorful pieces.

P.S : The mister’s take on the happy shirt’s tale was – Get Naked & Be Happy ! { **big eye roll**  you see what I am dealing with !  }

happy1 happy2happy4

happy3 happy7

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Comfort Food

stripesI love Boston..the winters’ snow, the summer sun, the red buildings, the umpteen restaurant choices, the vibrant downtown – the entire package. There’s no feeling that compares to strolling in the Commons or entering the charming Trinity church. My heart flutters when we make plans to go down to the harbor. There are million places that I love eating in and still have a million that I want to try. But, I’d be lying if said, I dint feel homesick at times. With so much hustle around and the city offering so much –  sometimes, I just want to be home with a cup of hot tea { the Indian chai } and enjoy a tea-biscuit dunked in. That’s an instant cure to my homesickness. It amazes me how such small, simple and basic things can be so powerful.

Ever think of what would be the wearable version of comfort food ? For me – its a basic tee and a pair of jeans. They are those classics that can easily be your laid back look and be just as easily prepped up with a sharp coat or a crisp blazer. Now all of you know how much I love dressing up {  the blog  name gives the story all upfront) – well, sometimes I just don’t! {our secret ?} There are times when I just want to throw something on and get going. That’s when these basics come to the rescue. I totally receommend having some good basics in your closet for those homesick, lazy days.

stripes4 stripes3




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Let’s Do It

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Once upon a time, there was a girl and a boy who made each other very happy. One day, he asked her if she would be his

 forever ! Her answer resonated with the innocence and simplicity of his question – Let’s Do It !

She did not need a ring, he did not have to go down on one knee – 
all she needed was the confidence in his eyes and all he needed was her by his side. 
Last week , I spotted this intriguing mesh of barren trees that stood amidst the snow fallen on the ground. It has been mind-numbingly cold here and that day was no different ( 5F ! ) I wanted to take him with me and knew it would need some real convincing to get him out for that hike. I asked him if he was up for it –  surprisingly all he said was – Let’s Do It –
 just like the way I said it 2 years back !

There are times when we think too much about things, about the consequences, about the what-ifs ! Sometimes the answer is to just do it, take a risk and enjoy what spontaneity has to offer. Chances are you’ll love that you took 

the plunge or atleast learn from it. 

 Do that one thing today, that you have been thinking about too much  – ask him out –  put that business idea into action – let them know you don’t agree with their decision – take that class you always wanted to take – 
mix unexpected colors in your outfit ! Do It !