Zoe’ Outfit : Pippa and Julie Alice in Wonderland dress, Pediped mary-janes

Last week Zoe resumed her school, four months after the lockdown started. Getting to the decision of having her go back to school was a tough one. I’ve had many sleepless nights going over so many questions, reading numerous articles, talking to a lot of parents, even our doctor. Never in our wildest ideas had we thought that we would be in such a situation, where the entire world would be riddled with such a situation. Lockdown, quarantine, social distancing – these were words we had never encountered. And here we are, as parents taking decisions about whether your child should go to school or remain for another session at home. What about meeting so many people. Will kids wear masks? And how would office and house work be managed. Do online session even work for kids at this age ( less than 3 year olds ). And how do you keep a toddler away from their friends. How do you meet friends but ask kids to keep distance. SO many questions. Should we keep the children home one more session and see what happens. All valid and all tough ones.

After I shared last on social media that we were resuming school, there were numerous messages I received regarding the how, why, when, whats behind that decision. I completely get it – I spent four weeks, every minute of the the four weeks to get to that point. Knowing the state required measures and the school’s detailed plan was very helpful and that got us thinking about that we could explore going back to school.  We had numerous questions and went over every detail, every measure in depth with the school administration. The other factor that we considered was that we have started  meeting a few friends. Its a limited group – but that opens up the circle from what we were in the first  three months – i.e. completely quarantined / socially isolated. I also spoke to our doctor and took his advice. Although this is not a medical decision – I wanted to get the thoughts of someone  who I trust completely. His thoughts resonated with our thinking. Some families have resumed, it’s at half capacity than previously and it makes us so happy to see the kids having so much fun and being excited to be back.

This decision is different for each family. So many factors to consider. Every person has a different threshold for meeting people and everyone has a different situation. So it is a truly personal decision. Whatever decision you make – know that there are people doing this way or another way or a hybrid way. None of them are right or wrong. Just what works for each family.

The night before Zoe was going back to school, I was very emotional. And sat down to pour my heart from that moment.

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I am solo parenting for the next few days. Amit is traveling and this is the first time, I have been bestowed with this responsibility, well first time if you don’t count traveling alone with Zoe to India all by myself.

To be perfectly honest – I am scared because I havent done this before. Amit and I partner on everything – like pickup, drop off, cooking, putting to bed, giving a bath, reading, playing…and he does most of the heavy lifting with this whole parenting thing. But here I am day 2 of running this show, solo – all by myself ( yawning as I write this post- that I actually started typing last night but fell asleep somewhere midway )
Here’s why I want to write all this down. I am scared, unsure of how I would manage everything. The work meetings, going to office, pick up, drop off, the tantrums, the meltdowns, the book after book reading, dinner time….  When I look back on these notes, I want to feel confident (and proud ) that I was able to handle things ( there are always days when you want that boost of confidence that you can do it! )  and it is just the fear of doing things the first time. And I want to learn from the mistakes I might make ( like losing my patience – ahhh I know this is coming! ) and may be if you are reading this and have to do this by yourself at some point – then you know you aren’t alone in being scared and we can all learn from each other’s struggles, mistakes and the things that we rock at!
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