Little Black Dress

LovePlayingDressup_1802_OOTD-12“When I first saw you I fell in love – You smiled … because you knew”

Raise your hand if you can relate to any of these – when invited to a mid-week dinner thing, you look at each other to see who comes up with the best excuse to bail out of it. Weekends look more appealing on the couch, ordering in & slipping into your comfiest bests. The mister & I often joke that this is the attesting point of us getting old =)) It is exactly for such reasons, every once in a while we have the proverbial date nights – that do not include falling asleep mid-movie on his shoulder

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NYFW Diaries

LovePlayingDressup-Instagram-1There’s just something about Fashion Week. Its like Disneyland – with an extremely high glam quotient! the packed schedule, running between shows, the shows, models, throngs of photographers, meetings, everything..I love it all. The blog has given me so many exciting opportunities and getting to go to Fashion Week is definitely somewhere on the top. I had some really wonderful moments and to be extremely honest , there were some not so wonderful ones as well. Read why…

Favorite Moments ( not in any particular order  )

1. getting invited! – When I started writing Love Playing Dressup, I had thought to myself that if I get invited to an actual Fashion Show – that would mean something.  It felt like a milestone. Couldn’t even begin to tell you how excited I was! =))

2. Kate Spade Presentation

3. Front Row Seats at Mongol & Reem Acra – Oh My God! Front. Row

4. Amit driving me down to New York in the middle of a snow storm – I must have said this a million times, but this blog wouldnt exist if it weren’t for him So thank you A!

5. Meeting these wonderful blogger babes –  Zunera & Zahra

6. hair game at Mara Hoffman & classy vibe at Zimmermann

and now .. some Not so Favorite Moments

1. the weather – unbearable cold coupled with running to shows in heels = brain freeze + getting some real feet hatred

2. losing new leather gloves – and then having to make do all day with street bought ugly manly ones

3. missing dinner with Anna Wintour… ok that’s just plain lie. coz you know who can miss having dinner with miss A. =)) But not even catching a glimpse of AW or David Beckham.. knowing they were right there !!! blahhhhh


This is NOT a joke. I was in the 3rd row for the Cushnie Et Ochs show and got up to take a better picture. Then something happened… slipped and fell directly-face-down on the runway hitting a photographer – thank god!! coz that’s what stopped me from falling in front of a model and making her trip or worse yet… walk over me! I am so sure someone caught the whole scene and it’s just a matter of time before they upload it on YouTube as the “girl who fell during fashion week”!! Now that I think about it…this actually might be my most favorite moment there!

xo- Neha aka the girl who fell during fashion week and loves playing dressup =))LovePlayingDressup-NYFW-Coverage-NehaGandhi (1 of 1)

LovePlayingDressup-NYFW-Coverage-NehaGandhi (1 of 1)-2 LovePlayingDressup-NYFW-Coverage-NehaGandhi (1 of 1)-3Mongol 

LovePlayingDressup-NYFW-Coverage-NehaGandhi (1 of 1)-4 LovePlayingDressup-NYFW-Coverage-NehaGandhi (1 of 1)-5 LovePlayingDressup-NYFW-Coverage-NehaGandhi (1 of 1)-6 LovePlayingDressup-NYFW-Coverage-NehaGandhi (1 of 1)-7Cushnie Et Ochs

LovePlayingDressup-NYFW-Coverage-NehaGandhi (1 of 1)-8running between shows

LovePlayingDressup-NYFW-Coverage-NehaGandhi (1 of 1)-11 LovePlayingDressup-NYFW-Coverage-NehaGandhi (1 of 1)-12Mara Hoffmann

LovePlayingDressup-NYFW-Coverage-NehaGandhi (1 of 1)-10At the Lulu’s Party

LovePlayingDressup-NYFW-Coverage-NehaGandhi (1 of 1)-9