Eyeing these trends !

Changing seasons means more shopping!Girlfriend has to keep up with the changing trends – now doesn’t she 😉 Here are some trends my closet is craving for as I transition into fall this year !

Btw..its officially just 100 days left to Christmas..the holiday season is so near 🙂 Cant wait already :):) 

Hope everyone had a great start to the week !

On Trend Gladiator Sandals

Wouldn’t it be great if we could get a memo of the fashion trends that are going to make a come back after a few years ? 

Had my mom known during her college days ,that her palazzo pants trend would complete the cycle and become hot every 5-6 years, I would be proudly donning them today with my crop tops  My point being – I would love to get a trend forecasting app on my iPhone or a flyer along with my fashion magazines in the mail –  explicitly listing out when is what going to go in and out of fashion and come back exactly after how many fall-spring or resort collections later ! That would save us from the pain of having to discard our beloved pieces JUST because there’s no place and because its out of fashion !

Take the gladiator sandals for example – about 5 years back I think , I owned 3 pairs of these Roman empiresque strappy sandals. They were at that time , very slow in catching up with fashion and soon fizzled out.
But this time in the Spring runway collections, these were showcased with great pomp and brought to limelight with quite a bang.

Celebrities have taken this fashion foot trend fairly forward and they are this year becoming quite the rage.
These can be a little tricky to pull off if paired with the wrong outfit. But , the higher these are – the lesser the chances of going wrong. They actually make the legs look longer and slender. Pair with shorts, skater dresses or your minis – and they will most definitely make a statement !!

Here are few of my picks and I intend to restock a couple of these back in my shoe closet 🙂

Fall Essentials – On a Budget !!

When I woke up this morning, I felt the crispness in the air. I looked out to see if the leaves had already started falling & unconsciously reached out for my comforter –  it definitely was a sign of the fall taking over my beloved summer 🙁

However, when the seasons change, they bring the prospect of changing wardrobes and I always seem to find enough solace in that – that there’ll be more reasons to shop! 🙂

Some Fall Must-Haves that I plan to bring to my closet – best part – all under $50 🙂

Massachusetts Tax Free Weekend – Wish List

While some count the days to their birthdays, anniversaries or upcoming vacations – I can hardly wait for the MA tax free weekend. Infact, I block off the weekend months in advance & dedicate the day to playing my role as a good citizen. This is when I do my bit for the betterment of my state 🙂

This year, I have wayyy too many items on my wish list – some that I absolutely NEED and have been waiting for so desperately. And some I clearly cant afford – BUT a girl can dream, right? 🙂 

Note to self : There’ll always be something that you’ll want  – but stick to your budget – it gets painfully tempting! 🙁

Here are some of the things on my lust-slash-wish-slash-absoluetyneed-slash-havebeenwaitingforsincesolong-tax-free-weekend-list !

The MA tax-free weekend is on the 10th & 11th of August.Most things upto $2500 will be eligible for the 6.25% sales tax exemption.  
Do you have a wish list to fulfil this weekend?
Do share – I might NEED something from your list as well 🙂