Happy April. The last month just somehow flew – I had so much going on! First of all, I think I fell the most sick in the last few weeks than I’ve ever been in my entire life. Ugh! I always used to say that I never fall sick and there you go – obviously jinxed it. I’ve been down with strep, a really bad throat infection and the worst stomach bug all within a span of few weeks. Also, Amit had his knee surgery ( second one on the same knee ) last week. Hopefully with the month, all that sickness is also behind us now.

Other than that, March was a very exciting month. Work has been extremely busy lately but extremely interesting. We played Holi ( Holi is an Indian festival and my favorite one) I love it so much that I once flew down to India just to celebrate it with my family and friends. We had a blast – the colors, dance, music, food – had the best time ! I also saw some really good shows, movies, read AN ENTIRE book, added a few new beauty favorites to my routine and ofcourse have new podcast shows that I loved and can’t wait to share with you.

Let’s get going… here is a round-up of some March Favorites.

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Rendezvous and Monthly Favorites – Edition 2


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