Mexico Diary

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I don’t have enough good things to say about the resort we stayed at – everything from the surroundings, ambience and service were beyond amazing. There was a non-stop intake of guacamole and  pretty sure I’ve had my yearly quota (make that 2) of alcohol =)) Early morning pilates on the beach & Zumba in a gazebo standing at the center of the pool – now that’s surreal. However, the highlight of our trip was us winning an air-rifle shooting competiton at the resort (beginner’s luck – heehaw ) Dear Riviera Maya, after enjoying your beauty and soaking in all the warm calmness for 5 days, its getting difficult to wait to come back!




Sea Breeze + a Beach Bag Giveaway


I feel guilty about taking relaxing vacations! Call me crazy – I am so addicted to the daily craziness of life – that the thought of relaxing makes me nervous. Yeah.. but that’s about it! Then when I reach our vacation destination, all that guilt goes out of the window and I indulge in nothing but pure dolce niente – the simple pleasure of doing absolutely nothing. We arrived in Mexico on Friday and I have been so excited since that I could burst (or could it be due to all that be all that pinacoloda and guacamole I have been pumping in? ) We are staying at the Excellence Riveria and it feels like nirvana. The mister really outdid himself with the reservations – we have a room with a private jacuzzi on the patio – overlooking the beach – and a hammock. I always wanted to nap in a hammock you know.

I wore this outfit for lunch at the grill restaurant on the beach. If anyone thinks that there is a limit to how much one can eat – we will gladly prove them wrong =)) I always have a hard time finding maxi dresses that I like, but when I saw this one at Sammy Dresses – I had to snag it. Its is so flowy, I couldn’t help myself from dancing in the sea breeze. This bag has been proving quite useful on our trip. Its perfect as a beach bag and will work as a great travel bag as well. Its pretty spacious and I was sold at the vibrant colors. Guess what – you can win this one or any other for that matter =)) Enter the giveaway through the rafflecopter below & let me know which bag from the Sparrow handbag collection meets your fancy. Allright then… Ill let you get your entries in while I go take another dip in the pool =)) Happy Monday !

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 Sammy Dress maxi – c/o, Sparrow Boutique bag – c/o, EdithMarie necklace c/o, Tory Burch flip-flops, Prada sunnies

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Take me away


I am taking a much needed vacation after an almost ceaseless, crazy last few months of non-stop action. I have to wake up in 3 hrs and why do I have a feeling that sleep is not on the agenda  =))  My bags are packed and I am ready to take off in my private jet to my private island.

See you in Mexico! Follow me on Instagram and be with me as I put on 40pounds & get sun-burnt in the next 5 days without any care =)) xo



Backpacking Checklist

A lot of people asked me how I packed 1 single bag for my 20 day trip. 
Honestly, if it wasn’t for the numerous backpacking blogs, travel forums and 
warnings from my husband & brother about abandoning me with my heavy bags if they were made to carry them , I would have been lugging down 2 heavy suitcases and may be 2 on my shoulders.It was no easy feat – trust me to take only the “bare” essentials. Tough decisions had to be made – choosing between black pumps and cant-live-without hair dyer – with both of them eventually losing . There are were atleast 3 iterations of the “final” packing. There was also a 10pm run ( 6 hrs before leaving for the airport) to buy a new backpack. 
Here are the not-so-secret contents of the backpack that I took with me.

It was more than just a vacation – it was about learnings, experiences, meeting people, making friends, and above all living  enjoying out of the comfort zone. I wasn’t thinking about what to wear, was unfazed by the bumpy bus rides cross countries, heck I wasn’t even concerned about showering !
There was a lot I loved – the dangerous hikes,the food, struggling past the language barriers, hitchhiking – but more than anything – what I enjoyed the most was the PEOPLE – seeing them on the streets no matter what time of day (or night) , chatting away all night with the locals  & the best of all – getting welcomed into their world. 
My advice – everyone should do one backing trip …atleast one … put that on your bucket list kids  🙂