Martha’s Vineyard Getaway

Things we took for granted earlier, we truly value them now.

Like weekend getaways. A quick load of essentials, stuffed into a weekender and jetting off somewhere far, yet close. Exploring destinations close to the backyard. Those have always been my reprise after long continuous tiring weeks. Never giving much thought, spur of the moment plans, to discover something new or simply for dolce far niénte

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Diwali 2020

I have been meaning to sit down and share these pictures we clicked on the morning of Diwali, but life has been crazy these last few months and by the time I sit down at night, I am fast asleep by the time before the time even the laptop powers on. And then my site has been having issues last few months, I just havent been able to spend the time to fix it.

This year due to Covid, we weren’t able to do things that we do usually, see all our friends, have big get-togethers, host a 100 people over at our place for a Diwali party like we’ve done for over decade. But that dint stop us from celebrating the spirit of the festival. We found ways to show our love. Until we are able to see our friends and family in person the day was inundated with video calls. A box filled with festive goodies on the doorstep, a box filled with love from across the world, a recorded message on the phone.

The week before Diwali, mom sent a big box filled with goodies from India. Home made sweets, all the nashta (snacks) that is an integral part of the Diwali, decorations and diyas, clothes and books and what not. The cutest part was my dad also sent masks for the three of us, his way of ensuring we are being safe. Out of everything in the box, Zoe was most excited about the green hairties – the color green and hairties both things she is obsessed about right now.

This festival celebrates the victory of light over darkness and I have been feeling the light every single moment throughout the season of Diwali. This year while taking us by surprise has really made me be grateful for everything that we have. With that feeling, celebrating the festival has had a whole different meaning. I am appreciating the little and big things that we are able to do. Like two weeks before Diwali, on Dussera day we went to mandir. The fact that we have the option to go to the temple and feel safe there, to see Zoe’s eyes light up and be able to teach her about our rituals is a blessing. A few week before that, we celebrated Karwachauth. Karwachauth was definitely different than how we’ve celebrated in the past, but it was just us and that felt really good too. We dressed up for a few min, did the puja and changed quickly into PJs, put Zoe in bed and broke my fast over takeout and TV. Zoe kept saying – happy birthday puja. haha. How amazing is that as well – my heart was so full with being able to do that with my little family.

I love how the entire home feels like it is celebrating Diwali, with twinkling diyas and bright marigolds (my favorite flower), Zoe dancing around excited in her desi girl clothes. She has a newfound love for bangles and has been wearing the bangles that mom sent singing Bollywood songs – she knows how to tug this mama’s heartstrings.

I have always loved the little traditions that are part of our culture and now getting to do them all with Zoe is amazing. All the lights, the décor, the sweets, and the dance – these are the memories I am recreating from my childhood and creating our own.

Sending you all a lot of love for the entire festival season.

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