Easy Summer Hairstyles

This is a guest post under the series : Playing Dressup on a Budget 

Perfect FishtailHere in the Pacific Northwest, warm weather means outdoor activities – everything from hiking to exploring local farmer’s markets. I love to work on my tan while I paddle board across the little lake near my house, and I’m finally taking up hiking so I can explore the beautiful mountains near my hometown. There’s something so wonderful about revisiting where you grew up, especially with the light and laughter that summer brings with it.

Stylish PonySummer Braid

With all of the ways I want to soak up the sun, I don’t want to be stuck inside trying to get ready for my day. To save time and still look my best, I combed through Pinterest to find my favorite easy summer hairstyles that are perfect for any activity!
Beach WavesSummer Waves

What’s your favorite summer hairstyle? (:

Xoxo – Taylor


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Chic Summer Essentials & a Giveaway


Sex and the City Summer _ loveplayingdressup“Summer afternoon – two most beautiful words in the English language” – Henry James

Have you ever been  so excited about something so much that once you have it, you want to enjoy it one bit at a time so you can savor every moment but also so quickly for the fear that the moment might end? I have been feeling like that lately about the warm weather that is finally breaking in. Summer is officially here in Boston and it has got me all kinds of excited. We finally opened our pool over the weekend & if you are following me on sanpchat ( @lovenehagandhi),

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Signature Scent

LovePlayingDressup_NehaGandhi_Fragrancenet_LightBlue_OOTD-4Nothing brings to life a forgotten memory like fragrance

Isn’t it amazing how a fragrance makes such a huge impression on our minds? A familiar smell of food might make us nostalgic about mom’s kitchen or the scent of cinnamon invariably reminds us of last Christmas! The salty smell of the beach brings back childhood memories 

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Lets make a difference

RuleI had a completely different post planned for today – but instead I wanted to use this space for something else. Seeing all those heart wrenching images and listening to the reports and interviews from Nepal is breaking my heart.  Amit & I also started looking into if we can fly there and be of any help. I just want to do something!

Even if  I am able to speak to you one of you through this post – then that makes it two of us. While we cannot all go down there, help clear the rubble and personally bring food and water to the people affected – let’s try to do something – no matter how little – from where we are. Lets say – if you get coffee from your favorite coffee shop every morning on your way to work – if you can just give that up a day – that’s a BIG $3. It adds up and will go a long way!

I am also thinking of an idea in which we can do something to help. I know so many who want to do something but dont know how. They are still in my head and am hoping that we can make it a reality. Nothing would make me more happy than knowing I am not alone and that you also believe that WE can make a difference. – Neha