Blessed Breakfast

LovePlayingDressup_NehaGandhi_BestVegetarianBreakfast_BestVeganBreakfast_OatsAlmondMilkChiaSeeds_MostPinnedPhoto_KitchenDecor_SilkAlmondMilk_Recipes-1-2 2LovePlayingDressup_NehaGandhi_BestVegetarianBreakfast_BestVeganBreakfast_OatsAlmondMilkChiaSeeds_MostPinnedPhoto_KitchenDecor_SilkAlmondMilk_Recipes-1-5LovePlayingDressup_NehaGandhi_BestVegetarianBreakfast_BestVeganBreakfast_OatsAlmondMilkChiaSeeds_MostPinnedPhoto_KitchenDecor_SilkAlmondMilk_Recipes-1-4LovePlayingDressup_NehaGandhi_BestVegetarianBreakfast_BestVeganBreakfast_OatsAlmondMilkChiaSeeds_MostPinnedPhoto_KitchenDecor_SilkAlmondMilk_Recipes-1-2LovePlayingDressup_NehaGandhi_BestVegetarianBreakfast_BestVeganBreakfast_OatsAlmondMilkChiaSeeds_MostPinnedPhoto_KitchenDecor_SilkAlmondMilk_Recipes-1-3I am atleast a few years behind in trying Chia seeds, but boy am I hooked! If you are like me – always struggling to find healthy but delicious breakfast options and moreover – vegetarian ones – this recipe is a blessing! Trust me – its a revolution! All of you who know me or follow me on Instagram – know that I am ALWAYS hungry! I love this recipe because its quick to prepare, healthy, filling and almost feels like having dessert for breakfast. That’s a blessing in my books.

Oats with Almond Milk & Chia Seeds


  • Old Fashioned oats
  • Chia seeds
  • Almond milk
  • Bananas/Raisins/Apples/Berries/Nuts ( walnuts, pecans, almonds)

Method :

1. Soak the oats overnight in almond milk ( and put in the refrigerator )
2. In the morning, add more milk if you like &  top with anything your heart fancies ( I mix it up – with different combination of nuts & fruits – Walnuts+Bananas is my favorite though)
3) Sprinkle chia seeds (generously)

Let me know if you give this a try =)) xo – Neha

Wearing top, Milk & Honey cutting board, India Circus mug


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Let’s not talk about the weather

LovePlayingDressup_Bohemian_ShowMeYourMumu_DenimSkirt_Headband_LeatherBag_Smile_MostPinnedPhoto_OOTD_BurberryFlats_BostonBlogger_PetiteFashion-1It’s weird how the weather plays such a huge role in our lives in Boston – it is one of the most common conversation starters and sometimes the only topic of discussion ( snooze fest – sorry! ) Agreed – its difficult to break the ice with people you’ve never met before – but I think the universe now demands us to be creative – to make that lasting impression – that may help you land a job or get an invitation to the most happening dinner party. No pressure, right? =)) I found these cool books – Conversation starters for any occasion & Family Gathering table topics  – which are fun to read and might come in handy to mix it up when you aren’t feeling so creative!

Talking about being creative – did you notice that I am not wearing a jacket or a sweater or boots. Must be the weather – huh? =)) I recently came across this store – Show me your Mumu and while I don’t know what Mumu really means, this is me showing my boho side – my alter ego’s mumu! What I am currently wearing as a top, is actually a dress and is going to soon make it back to the blog styled differently – weather permitting, ofcourse! x0 – NehaLovePlayingDressup_Bohemian_ShowMeYourMumu_DenimSkirt_Headband_LeatherBag_Smile_MostPinnedPhoto_OOTD_BurberryFlats_BostonBlogger_PetiteFashion-1-7 LovePlayingDressup_Bohemian_ShowMeYourMumu_DenimSkirt_Headband_LeatherBag_Smile_MostPinnedPhoto_OOTD_BurberryFlats_BostonBlogger_PetiteFashion-1-4 LovePlayingDressup_Bohemian_ShowMeYourMumu_DenimSkirt_Headband_LeatherBag_Smile_MostPinnedPhoto_OOTD_BurberryFlats_BostonBlogger_PetiteFashion-1-2LovePlayingDressup_Bohemian_ShowMeYourMumu_DenimSkirt_Headband_LeatherBag_Smile_MostPinnedPhoto_OOTD_BurberryFlats_BostonBlogger_PetiteFashion-1-6LovePlayingDressup_Bohemian_ShowMeYourMumu_DenimSkirt_Headband_LeatherBag_Smile_MostPinnedPhoto_OOTD_BurberryFlats_BostonBlogger_PetiteFashion-1-3 LovePlayingDressup_Bohemian_ShowMeYourMumu_DenimSkirt_Headband_LeatherBag_Smile_MostPinnedPhoto_OOTD_BurberryFlats_BostonBlogger_PetiteFashion-1-8

Show me your Mumu top – c/o, Ariat skirt -c/o ( similar options here & here below $25) , Burberry flats ( similar here & here below $25 ), 3B Leather Goods bag – c/o, Headbands under $5 – here, here & here


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Holiday Gift Guide – For the Home

Gift Guide for the HomeHoliday accessories|| Prints || Personalized lighted accessory || Book || Pillow || Coffee Mug|| Recipe book holder || Candle || Throw

Nothing makes me happy like the holiday lights at home. We are going to be traveling soon and wont be home during Christmas, so I am putting up the tree a bit early. Can you blame me? =)) I am also trying to get through my holiday shopping on time, so there is no scrambling while I am at the peak of packing anxiety! These are some gift ideas for those times, when you are invited to a dinner party and just can’t decide what to take for the hostess. Or for the friends who just got a new house. (*shameless hint *) One can never have enough pillows and throws as they are synonymous to cuddles and those are  boundless, friends – so that’s a safe choice. I also like the idea of taking a book for the hostess and may be some scotch for the guy. And if this is a last-minute run for gifts – you can always resort to chocolate – coz you know that never is a bad idea!


Made for each other

LovePlayingDressupI have a few shoe rules

1. Buy a shoe ONLY if you can imagine pairing it with ATLEAST 3 outfits in your closet
2. Nothing wrong with an impulsive shoe purchase – who are we to argue with love at first sight
3. If they are pretty and they pinch – suck it up – nobody said fashion was easy

So when I saw these shoes on the sale rack at Zara, I would have to say it was love at first sight. But for some cosmic reason, unknown to mankind, these puppies dint find a match for a very long time. Until – this dress from Purelux Boutique came along. I am forced to believe that cupid played a role here and these two came together like peanut butter & jelly. And its like the bird has been set free since then – these shoes just go with everything. That’s the thing about love – it ‘ll break all boundaries before you even know it!LovePlayingDressup1 LovePlayingDressup2 LovePlayingDressup3 LovePlayingDressup4 LovePlayingDressup5 LovePlayingDressup6 LovePlayingDressup7loveplayingdressup

Purelux Boutique kimono dress , Zara pumps – similar here , Lisa Stewart earrings – c/o, Micheal Kors tote – similar here & here, Rayban aviators

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