You know what is the toughest job in the world? I think its that of a teacher. Aside from the pressure of shaping your student’s future, influencing them to make career and life decisions – there is the everyday courage to stand up in front of that class and deliver. It is standing there and delivering knowing you are being judged. Its looking past that every single day and selflessly sharing your knowledge . Last month when my professor from grad school invited me to do a guest lecture in his class ( really?? honored beyond words ! ), I took exactly no time to say yes. While I was giving the lecture to the fabulous group of students – I realized how much goes into those 60 min – the preparation, the subject matter expertise to tackle any question thrown at you, to be ready for judgment and most importantly to make a difference. There is so much I attribute to my teachers, I wouldn’t be standing there giving that lecture if it weren’t for each one of you. I am eternally grateful for every minute you spent on me, dear teachers.

So if you were wondering where I was in the last couple of days, I was doing that, rehearsing for my upcoming show and prancing in the spring sun. I love how just tying a shirt into a knot brings an edge to the outfit. Wear the shirt the normal way tucked in at work and tie into a knot later,  swap your office bag for a little handbag or a clutch – such an effortless transition from day to drinks ! Isn’t this necklace simply so adorbs! I love this online boutique – they have such beautiful pieces and for crazy low prices. I am always on the hunt for places where you can go a little overboard with your temptations and still stay within budget.





loveplayingdressup1Qmack shirt – similar here & here, Francesca’s skirt, EdithMarie KellyB necklace c/o, Zara pumps – similar here & here, RayBan aviators, Jimmy Choo handbag ( beautiful save option )


Spring Teaser


There’s something very precious yet suspicious about a warm afternoon in the middle of March, like a gift you received from an estranged relative with no upcoming birthdays or anniversaries. You wonder why this gesture, is this the harbinger of a selfish act that will follow ( another week of unbearable cold in Boston ) or is this truce and all will be glorious now onwards. Whatever the reason be, you cant wait to tear open the package and enjoy what’s inside. This sunday was just like that.  Even though it was a good 45F and mighty windy, the city looked like it was hosting a fair and had become a melting pot of people escaping their stuffy heater-heated houses to breathe in the fresh air. I grabbed the most coveted real estate in the square, the sole snow dusted bench and indulged in my favourite past-time – weaving stories about people passing by. I saw a husband pushing the stroller and the wife juggling grocery bags as they argued over their lunch plans. And then I started thinking about marriage {yes – if not forcefully shaken from my trance –  I can spend the entire day thinking about nothing of consequence }

This outfit is my version of the happy marriage between winter and spring. Dark heavy sweaters and something light, something pastel to offset that. Isn’t that what marriage all about – complementing each other’s dark side and bringing the best out of each other? I have a soft spot for colored tights and always reach for colors that stand out instead of the vanilla blacks and greys. When I discovered, We Love Colors, I found my one-stop shop for tights. They have tights in every color you can think and with great prices – you only want to get them all ! I loved it when random people on the street stopped me and complimented the pop of blue and told me how ready for spring I looked ! What can I  say – If winter has come, Spring won’t be far behind !

tights1 tights3 tights6 tights7

Silence & Noise sweater ( similar options here & here ), Asos skater skirt,
We Love Colors Aqua tights– c\o, Jimmy Choo clutch, Zara pumps ( similar pair here, here )





Comfort Food

stripesI love Boston..the winters’ snow, the summer sun, the red buildings, the umpteen restaurant choices, the vibrant downtown – the entire package. There’s no feeling that compares to strolling in the Commons or entering the charming Trinity church. My heart flutters when we make plans to go down to the harbor. There are million places that I love eating in and still have a million that I want to try. But, I’d be lying if said, I dint feel homesick at times. With so much hustle around and the city offering so much –  sometimes, I just want to be home with a cup of hot tea { the Indian chai } and enjoy a tea-biscuit dunked in. That’s an instant cure to my homesickness. It amazes me how such small, simple and basic things can be so powerful.

Ever think of what would be the wearable version of comfort food ? For me – its a basic tee and a pair of jeans. They are those classics that can easily be your laid back look and be just as easily prepped up with a sharp coat or a crisp blazer. Now all of you know how much I love dressing up {  the blog  name gives the story all upfront) – well, sometimes I just don’t! {our secret ?} There are times when I just want to throw something on and get going. That’s when these basics come to the rescue. I totally receommend having some good basics in your closet for those homesick, lazy days.

stripes4 stripes3




Gap T-shirt, Zara Jeans, Burberry flats, Marc Trench, Michael Kors tote,

Forever21 ear cuffs, Ray-Ban aviators


Relax & Recharge

When you swim you don’t grab hold of the water, because if you do you will sink and drown.
Instead you relax, and float.


I am constantly running – if not physically then mentally. I cannot sit still,  not having something on my agenda makes me impatient . I need to have a plan for the day as soon as  I get up. That doesn’t mean, I will stick to it entirely or get everything done – but I want to be able to cross things off my list.  I also need that list to be big , be concrete even if each item on it is small and meager.  There’s this constant feeling of so much to do – so little time. But after a few whirlwind days of trying to get things done to even getting some done – I realize, this cant go on !  There needs to be a break, a time to sort things out, to reset priorities and refuel to come back and start the cycle again. That’s when I want to – I need to relax, to float, to let go and feel the freedom!


Recently, when Front Row Shop asked me to try some of their clothes – I instantly fell in love with their collection. I have always talked about my love ( and importance ) of comfortable clothing. Some of their pieces have the simply-slip-on-and-relax vibe.
It is very fashion forward-front row stuff, not to mention – affordable ! If ever given a chance to attend NYFW ( which btw kicked off today ) – I know I’d be picking a few pieces for sure . ( a girl can dream, right? 🙂 )
Some of the items on my wishlist – ( all below $60 ) & they have free world-wide shipping options.
Dresses & Skirts  : 1//2//3
Tops & Jackets  : 1//2//3
Accessories : 1//2//3
Front Row Shop sweatshirt C/o , Front Row Shop beanie C/o ($18 only  & my new fav ! ) , Zara denim – similar 1 //2($24) //3 (in multiple fits & sizes), Gucci messenger bag, Prada sunnies, Zara pumps ( available in stores ) – similar 1// 2 ( flats version )// 3