Of Blankets & Bows !

Asos poncho – more options : 1//2  , Old Navy Jeans ( On sale for $19 now ! ) , Asos Booties , Betsey Johnson Clutch
Its been a busy last couple of days – at work and otherwise. Sometimes, I wish I could stay afloat on 2 hrs of sleep –  could really use the extra time you know 🙂 My dad constantly reminds me that all great men also had 24 hrs in a day! Well – may be I am not fighting for world peace or running for office ( yet ! ) . But even in my own little world  – there is always so much to do and so little time 🙁  Haven’t you have felt the same at some point ? 

When I saw this poncho online – I  instantly knew I had to get it ! 
A warm fuzzy blanket-like-sweater AND with a bow ? Yes Please! 🙂  I think everyone should invest in a poncho. Throw it over a plain/old top and you get the essential chicness with a side of effortless comfort 🙂 Perfect for Fall ! 

On a side and very important note – the Saks Friends&Family Sale is On.  It is THE sale of the year … watch these pages for my picks and lust list !

Necklace of your choice – Giveaway !

Come October – and my shopping budget goes out of the window. I blame the stores for sending me tons of swoon-worthy emails about sales and look-books seducing me to be  ready for the holidays. Did you ever internally justify to yourself about going over budget because – “well.. its the holiday season”.. or ..”I deserve this” … or my personal favorite ” it would be plain foolish to leave it at this price” 🙂 Now –  its even more silly if you don’t try your hand at winning a beautiful necklace ( of your choice ! )  from Our Wold Boutique’s collection !

Enter the raffle to win yourself the necklace I am wearing  or any other from their website. Some of their  necklaces are perfect for the upcoming holidays 🙂

These are some of my favorites – //1//2//3

To enter the giveaway – 

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3.. If you have any issues entering the raffle  – Send me email an email at loveplayingdressup@gmail.com I will take care of the entry for you.

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Doing Red

Laundry by Shelli Segal dress, Our World Boutique necklace – C\o , India Trend earrings – C\o , Shoes old – similar , Prada wristlet, Swarovski bracelet (one of my fav gifts 🙂 )

Nothing says festive like red. I picked this dress from Saks last time we were there shopping for my hubby but somehow ended up in the women’s department – its a mystery how that invariably happens every time 🙂 The fit is very flattering and love the monochromatic base so I can play with accessories. This necklace is one of my favorites and I see it pairing beautifully with most of my dresses.

This weekend we celebrated my husband’s birthday with some close friends at a wonderful middle-eastern restaurant in Boston that hosts a live band a belly dancing performance. By the end of the night, we had spent more time on the dance floor than the belly dancer herself 🙂 In the afternoon, we decided to grab lunch and picnic around our favorite pond. ( the weather here has been gorgeous lately!) Enroute, a wrong turn brought us in  front of a facade covered with fall wreaths and dangling intertwined leaves and flowers. We decided to take a quick peek inside and saw a garden that could only be out of a dream sequence.Fountains,small foot bridges, a romantic dome, two little girls running around in their blond braids, an older couple sitting on the bench holding hands…this was the romantic-lose-yourself-to-the-universe cliché that I had only read in books . It reminded me of Paris – so serene and surreal. I am glad we lost our way and found this beautiful gem( totally believe that things happen for a reason)

Dressup Diva of the Month – September ’13

In the fast paced fashionable life and the chaotic blur of raging fashion trends – personal style always stands out! I applaud that and feature one such inspiring diva on the blog as a part of a monthly series  🙂

I am a firm believer that being fit is the first step towards being fashionable. This month I got the opportunity to interview one of Boston’s most popular fitness & Zumba instructors – Lindsey Varghas. Lindsey has been teaching Zumba since the last 3 years and has ventured out into spreading her passion for dance & fitness by organizing sessions at corporate and private events. 

Now if you are a fitness freak or just getting started on a workout regime, you must HAVE questions. Drop any questions you might have below in the comments section and I’ll get answers for you from the pros 🙂
(Photo credit – Aperture Element )
1)Why did you choose to be a Zumba instructor?

I chose to become a Zumba instructor because my passion in life is dancing and instructing dance. I started as a student taking Zumba classes and fell in love with it. 

2)Can Zumba be the only standalone fitness option or does it need to be combined with anything else?

A well rounded fitness program should consist of more than just cardio; cardio does not build muscle but does help to shed those pounds so muscles can be built. Weight lifting and other things like yoga and pilates build muscle and give you that nice lean look.Cardio should be done atleast three times per week for at least 30 minutes.

3)What’s the one important tip you would give to anyone taking a Zumba class or working out at the gym?

My one tip to any one working out at a gym or taking a Zumba class would be to make sure you are stretching before and after your workouts, stretching is very important to prevent injury, oh and have a BLAST! 

4)Can people who are not the greatest dancers take Zumba classes as well?

Anyone can take Zumba classes .Zumba is easy to follow because the moves are  repetitive and simple, so even if it takes you a little time you will catch on and you will love it as a cardio fitness option.

5)What is your advice for people who complain about not having the time for working out?

Working out does not mean having to go to a gym or fitness club, times are hard right now for every one and a membership to a gym can be costly but that does not mean that you cannot go out and do a fast pace walk or run to get that heart rate up an burn those calories. If you have time to relax on your couch and watch TV ,you have time to get out there and walk or run. Me personally -if i don’t have time for the gym, I make use of things I have at home – liked my floor to do sit ups, push-ups or squats.

It all starts with the WANT to be healthy and fit.  I promise that when you start you will have more energy to do the other things in life that you love. 

6)Can you give some tips for shopping for the right workout outfits?
My advice for shopping for work out attire is first to make sure it is comfortable and fits properly, you do not want to do a work out in loose fitting clothing, one because it can cause injury and two you are not able to move as easily. Proper fitting shoes are also a huge must, improper fitting shoes can also cause injury, so make sure the shoes you are wearing are comfortable and fit properly with good support. Our feet and ankles are a big part of being able to stay healthy.

7) Do you believe in “fit is the new fashionable” or do you think being skinny is important?

Fitness and being fit is very fashionable, when you look good in your clothing you feel good both mind and body.

Thank you Lindsey for agreeing to do be featured .Your energy is very inspiring and incredibly contagious 🙂