Cropped Skinnies and a personalized necklace giveaway

Finding the perfect pair of jeans might as well be a myth. Those long hours and a million tryouts in the dressing rooms almost make me not wanna buy any 🙁
In all honesty , you’ll rarely see me strutting down town in pair of jeans and if I am donning them – most often than not its cropped skinnies. For petite girls, it is imperative that we master those tricks that create a mirage of a few extra inches like – high heels, structured blazers over cropped bottoms or vertical stripes.

Zara printed blouse ( similar – here ,here&here,Forever21 cropped jeans ( similar- here&here),Tory Burch Tote,Tory Burch Belt, Alice&Olivia heels,Houndstoothandnails necklace,Lotus Blossom design earrings  C/o

Today I have a another wonderful giveaway for you !Here’s your chance to win yourself a personalized initial necklace from Houndstoothandnail. They take custom orders for wedding parties,sorority sisters and offer 10%off on orders of 5 pieces or more. How cool is that 🙂 I am getting one for my mom and a few for some of my close girlfriends !

You don’t want to miss this chance 🙂

To enter the giveaway – 

1. Enter through the Rafflecopter Application 
3. All entries will be validated, before declaring the winner
4. Any Issues – Send me email an email at I will take care of the entry for you.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For the love of summer

Labor day weekend is here and I am having mixed feelings. It’s  about time to bid adieu to my beloved summer but at the same time,embrace the beautiful colors of fall. It’ll soon be time for the scarves and the boots to be dusted off and awaken from their slumber and also an eagerly awaited time when Starbucks flavors will transition from green tea lemonades to spiced pumpkin lattes !
Before I bring out those chunky sweaters and woolen skirts out , let me play some more with floral and flowy dresses – I still need time to have my romantic moment with my colorful summer outfits 🙂

Zara Top, Urban Outfitters Shorts ( currently on Sale $20! ), Micheal Kors Tote, Gucci Sunglasses, H&M rings, Steve Madden Sandals – similar, Houndstooth and Nail Necklace C\o, Micheal Kors watch – similar

Btw – stay tuned for another fabulous giveaway coming soon on these pages !! Chance to win some personalized jewelry like this /this !

P.S : Only 2 days left to enter the jewelry giftcard giveaway by Lotus Blossom Design  – Get your entry in here 

Have a great long weekend everyone .. xoxo

Love until infinity runs out

It has been a crazy work week – and its only Tuesday and crazy is an euphemism ! Plus, Amit & I have been binging on back-to-back episodes of Homeland – so we are literally sleep deprived with no signs of slowing down until we are done with this bad boy – cover to cover 🙂

While I drown myself into the bitter-sweet addiction of this suspense-packed-dont-leave-the-couch-to-even-get-water-gripping-thriller – I want all you lovelies to enjoy something I recently discovered – Wild Butterfly Boutique , a gem of a jewelry store !
They have some cute jewelry pieces with an affordable pricetag as the cherry on top! 

My absolute favorite from the site are these infinity necklaces. ( After hopelessly wasting every waking minute early this year watching Revenge (TVshow) – I love everything infinity  – And yes – I am a shameless couch potato when it comes to watching TV 🙂  )

They also have some chunky statement necklaces that you might want to get your hands on – especially at less than $20 a pop !

To show my love – I come bearing discount codes 🙂

The lovely people at Wild Butterfly Boutique are offering a 25% discount just to Love Playing Dressup Readers ! 
Head over to Wild Butterfly Boutique , use the coupon DRESSUP25 and get yourself some jewelry love!!

Sometimes a rose is just a rose.
Jewelry, that’s another story.

                           –Sex and the City

Dressup Diva of the Month – August ’13

In the fast paced fashionable life and the chaotic blur of raging fashion trends – personal style always stands out ! I applaud that , get inspiration from that and have decided to feature that as a part of a monthly series on the blog  🙂

Juliana is a colleague and a wonderful friend and I have always admired her personal style.
Everytime I look at her, I think of her having effortless style as her second skin.
I interviewed her take on style and asked her to share some of her secrets and tips to share with all of us.  
1)How would you describe your personal style?
 I can’t define my style in a single word. It’s sort of a mix of different styles and influences. I can dress in a very feminine way one day and go edgy another. One thing is sure – I love strong colors!

2)Favorite outfit in your wardrobe !
 I love dresses! Not sure if I can point to any single one, but having a nice dress on finished with sexy heels makes me feel fabulous!

3)One make-up item always in your handbag?
 Mascara!!! It’s a girl’s best friend! … after diamonds, of course 🙂 … I’m a huge fan of Dior mascara. It really makes your eyes stand out. You can also layer it without feeling overdone. I always have one on hand.

4)One justified extravagant purchase
Cole Haan tall high heel boots! They are the most comfortable despite being high heels. Also, I always try to think about CPW (Cost Per Wear) for the item I’m eyeing, and if I invest I want to make sure I really get a use out of my purchase. I have a leather jacket that I felt was pretty expensive when I bought it, but I wore it so many times that it turned out to be almost cents per wear.

5)Your Style icon ?
 I don’t have a single person I look up to. However, huge influence of how I dress comes from my Mom. She is always stylish and pays attention to how she looks. It was never a code or a set of rules my Mom told me to follow, but growing up and seeing how she dresses and pays attention to details and fit, made me to learn by example. I also learned that dressing up for yourself is as much important as dressing up for others…. And I love to dress up for important people in my life!

6)Favorite store/brand 
Not sure if I can pledge allegiance to a single brand, but I love dresses from Laundry by Shelly Segal and skirts from Ann Taylor.

7)Any shopping tips for us ? 
My motto is “You wear the clothes. Clothes do not wear you.”  You should always feel comfortable in your clothes no matter what your style is. It immediately projects into feeling confident.
I like to combine things that do not seem to be compatible from the first glance. It always turn out unexpected and different. You can also combine high-end merchandise with something pretty simple and get an interesting twist to your assemble.

8)One trend that will never go out of fashion 
 Structured blazer! Everything looks so much better with it. The cut can change with time of course, it can be very classic or very modern, but it is always in fashion.

Thank you Juliana for being such a sport about being featured – I love that you play all the roles of  being a mother,wife,daughter,sister,friend so well and yet never ignore yourself  – xxxoo 🙂