Easy Breezy Summer Essentials

As the mercury rises , our hands and minds automatically start gravitating towards shorts,cottons and tanks in the closet.
But not all heat waves need to be faced with super-short shorts.
There are so many fun and flirty ways you can add the oomph to the lightweight outfits.

Here are some of  my picks for the summer – to stay cool and stylish and not break the bank at the same time 🙂

Kate Spade ‘Aubrey Gingham’ Wrap Dress : Neiman Marcus
Juliet Off-shoulder Dress : Free People
Asos Shirt Dress : Asos
Zara High-Heel Shoes : Zara
Madison Wedge Sandals : Shoe Dazzle
Tory Burch Thong Sandals : Saks Fifth Avenue 
Animal Print Bangle Set : Forever21
Refined Straw Bag : Lands End
Seaside Straw Fedora : Forever21

Steve Madden Cat Aviators : Nordstrom

Top Favourite : 
The off-shoulder dress is on the top of my list… its black ( can never go wrong with that ) , shows a little skin and comes with a dash of comfort and style. Can be worn to a party or to the pool-side. Gotta love versatility 🙂
Similar styles here , here & here .


Floral Inspirations ~

I am such a summer-girl (#summergirl – you know what I mean if you follow me on instagram 🙂 ) and I love all things floral. This dress is my new bff everytime I open my closet. I want to wear it allday – everyday
The cool part about this dress is – its self-designed 🙂
My mom and I went fabric hunting, when I was in Bombay last month and put our heads together to finalize the silhouette.

(That’s actually something my mom and I love doing everytime I go home – all year round we keep taking notes of things that inspire us – and then when we get-together , we go fabric hunting and give life to our ideas 🙂 ( more to come on this soon … )

Another thing I like about this dress , is that its very versatile – can be worn during the day with flip-flops and with pumps for a dinner-date.

Changing seasons provide so much inspiration – we just need to look around and find what complements our style.
Look around and see what inpires you & think about how it can be incorporated in your daily style and lives 🙂

Self-designed maxi , Tory burch slippers, Jimmy Choo clutch  ( some colors  go on sale at times on Saks & Neiman Marcus ) , Micheal Kors watch ( very old – similar ) , Prada sunglasses , Ring from a boutique in Bombay

Treasure Hunt ~

While just scouring the net for a specific shoe , I stumbled upon this site : The Hunt 

I absolutely love the brains behind this “shopping-as-a-treasure-hunt” site and trust me – it is very addictive.
You post a picture of an item you are looking for and an entire community of people try to help you by suggesting where you can find your swags. That can be really helpful at times !

Do you think you’ll be placing a treasure on the site to be found or helping someone with their treasure hunt 🙂

Summer walks ~

I love the summers – no second thoughts there ! 

Especially , when living in New England you start appreciating the summer and the small things associated with it.
For instance-I love the fact that I can walk  to the library during such warm days.
Yesterday evening , the hubs and I walked to the library and did my favorite summer thing – walking around.. and then some more  🙂

I got this Mango top on sale at the SF airport last month while coming back home from our anniversary celebration trip to the Wine County 🙂 
The skirt is an old Topshop skirt that I had snagged in London while we were on our Honeymoon.
Well, what can I say – may be I was just in a happy-romantic – reminiscing mood, when I picked these two pieces   🙂

Hope everyone is having a great summer  ~ ~

Mango Top ( similar ) , Topshop Skirt  ( similar ) , Zara Heels (similar & similar ) , Gucci Messenger