Treasure Hunt ~

While just scouring the net for a specific shoe , I stumbled upon this site : The Hunt 

I absolutely love the brains behind this “shopping-as-a-treasure-hunt” site and trust me – it is very addictive.
You post a picture of an item you are looking for and an entire community of people try to help you by suggesting where you can find your swags. That can be really helpful at times !

Do you think you’ll be placing a treasure on the site to be found or helping someone with their treasure hunt 🙂

Summer walks ~

I love the summers – no second thoughts there ! 

Especially , when living in New England you start appreciating the summer and the small things associated with it.
For instance-I love the fact that I can walk  to the library during such warm days.
Yesterday evening , the hubs and I walked to the library and did my favorite summer thing – walking around.. and then some more  🙂

I got this Mango top on sale at the SF airport last month while coming back home from our anniversary celebration trip to the Wine County 🙂 
The skirt is an old Topshop skirt that I had snagged in London while we were on our Honeymoon.
Well, what can I say – may be I was just in a happy-romantic – reminiscing mood, when I picked these two pieces   🙂

Hope everyone is having a great summer  ~ ~

Mango Top ( similar ) , Topshop Skirt  ( similar ) , Zara Heels (similar & similar ) , Gucci Messenger


Chic sailor look ~

There’s something about these sailor looks that is both sexy and cute.
Also, these pieces can easily be used in different ways to create looks for the summers as well as the winters – keeping the nautical/sailor theme alive !

Hey Sailor hi-low tee :  Bloomingdales
Mini Via Tote : Tory Burch
Nautical Stripe Slippers : Zara
Citizens of humanity cropped jeans : Piperlime
Levis denim shorts : Asos
Anchors & dot sweater : Madewell


Welcome ~

Hello and welcome 🙂

I have been obsessed with fashion since I was a little girl – right from the time when I would make dresses for my dolls using left-over pieces of fabrics from a nearby wedding designers’ store and sewing them together with safety pins. After all these years, my love for fashion and playing with it has only grown .

I love combining different pieces and accessories to create looks.
I look for inspirations in almost anything and everything around me to decide my outfits.

Moreover, whether asked or not 🙂 I love sharing tips on ways to shop that make the wallet happy and still create looks that are comfortable and stylish !

Being around fashion, talking about it – anything about it gives me a lot of happiness.
Now that I am going to write about it – just makes me happy all the more.

So here I am – sharing my love for style and fashion with all of you .
Hope you enjoy reading 🙂