Playroom Gallery Wall

It took me a long time to finish this gallery wall ( well for now – is any decor in the house ever the final version? ) The reason I was slacking on the gallery wall is because I was actually afraid of taking up a gallery wall project. If you do a search on Pinterest for gallery walls – it is inundated with the most beautiful, editorial walls that seem almost impossible to recreate. There is no template, no rules to the order in which the frames should be organized!

Anyway, I really wanted to decorate  the wall with frames and took upon the project to figure out the code behind gallery walls – and if I couldn’t crack the code, create one! Hah!

Here’s the result and I am pretty happy with how it turned out. The frames are from Minted and here’s the code – by which I mean, the process I went about it.

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Outfit Details

Wilsons Leather Parka, jeans, boots, bagsunnies 

I’ve been thinking about self-improvement lately. It is different than making lofty goals or clichéd resolutions. These are not about working out or giving up junk food! It is more about the practical, things in my day-to-day lifestyle that I’d really like to do. For myself. To learn something new, to improve on a skill I am passionate about, to go back to doing something that makes me really happy. Or even work towards a habit that doesn’t contribute to my life.

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I cannot believe I am writing a DIY post because I might be the least DIY-type person you’ll ever know. This pom-pom garland is the simplest project you can undertake, all you need are the right supplies. Four to be precise – pom-poms, a thread, needle, scissors. That’s it!

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Outfit details

Dra clothing dress, Jimmy Choo sunnies ( similar option for $25 ) , Jimmy Choo handbag, Nic+Zoe pumps

This week was such a whirlwind ! Work has been very busy, Zoe is sick and has passed on the germs to Amit, we started work on the home-office – so my house is a mess like a construction zone … just one of those weeks.

Today I am sharing some random things I am loving lately. I love writing this segment, because it is like catching up with a girlfriend and talking about all the things you have been doing, things you feel she should check out !

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