Here are some of my favorite things – ones that I’ve either gifted in the past or those that Amit has hinted ( very openly ) for stuff that he’d love to get.

    • Oculus Virtual Reality Headset – I got this for Amit last Christmas and it is one of my favorite gifts that I’ve given Amit, because I probably play with it more than he does. It is the trendy thing that guys love having ( #eyeroll ) but also so much fun for anyone else.
    • Foot and Calf Messager : We have this at home and trust me, it is one of the best “self-care” things you’ll ever purchase. After a long day, hard-core workout session, long trip or just to relax on a weekend – it is amazing. Infact, over the years – I’ve purchased this as a gift for close friends as well. Everyone loves it.
    • Apple Smart Watch : This is one of the most popular Father’s Day gift ideas. I personally don’t like smart watches – because it’ll be another thing in addition to my laptop and phone that I’ll be tempted to check/engage with all day. But I think, Amit is going to get one pretty soon. He loves these gadgety-things!
    •  Yeti tumbler and mug : Can’t go wrong with either of these.
    • Hoverboard : So fun! I got this for Amit for his birthday and I’ve been enjoying it for myself !
    • Massage Gun : This one is really amazing for the price – you get a good bang for the buck. It works great for sore muscles or just end of the day relaxing.





The drives are long, when you cry in the car seat
But the years are short, soon you’ll be at the wheel not needing to hold my hand in the car,

The days are long, when work is piling and you are being clingy
But the years are short, and you’ll soon be typing away your own,

The kitchen is messy and cooking is hard when you want to be held
But the years are short and you’ll be rushing away from the dinner table to be with your friends,

The nights are long when you refuse to sleep and want to be rocked
But the years are short and you won’t need my lullabies anymore,

The times are tough when you are sick and it hurts so much to see you in pain
But the years are short, so let me not complain
For you’ll grow up soon and will fly away.

Let me hold on these hugs
Let me take away your pain
Cook and work with you on my lap
Rock you all night, Till you feel like yourself again


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